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The Rehab Quilt

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The Rehab Quilt
By Emily J.


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My mom did drugs. She became an addict and went to rehab. I didn't want her to go away. I felt sad.


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I never lived without my Mom before. I didn't know if I could live without her. I was afraid I would never see her again. My grandma and grandpa were going to take care of me.


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We thought of a way to show Mom what I did while she was gone. Every day I drew a picture and put it on a quilt square. On Day One I drew


Page 5
On Day Eleven, I drew


Page 6
At school I asked my teacher for a calendar every month until Mom got back. I kept the calendar in my desk and marked off every day that passed. I didn't tell any of my friends that my Mom was in rehab, I only told my teacher. I didn't want my friends asking me a lot of questions because I didn't want them to tell people in their family about what happened. If my friends would have told their parents, I would have been embarrassed and so would Mom. I didn't want Mom to be embarrassed.


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While I was at school, Mom was learning how to not take any more drugs. She learned how to get her feelings back and to change the way she feels. On Day 21 she sent me some paper airplanes.


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On Day 43 Mom came home. She was better. This month Mom will have her one-year anniversary for not taking drugs. Now mom is patient and we do a lot of crafts together. Mom and I feel happy and we spend more fun time together like at parks and roller skating.


Page 9
If your parents do drugs, just remember one thing - it is not your fault. They choose to do drugs and they can learn to get better. I'm not embarrassed anymore and neither is Mom. When I look at my quilt I feel happy. I know I can make it through the hard parts in life.


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I feel you bro, I mean in our current year a lot of children don’t care about their parents anymore and while looking at this one make me think that there are still children out there caring for their parents or loved ones.