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Rat's Best Look

Rat's Best Look
By Lacey

Evening came, the pet store grew quiet, lights dimmed, and humans went home. "Another day over" sighed rat, "no one has bought me yet." Then rat had an idea. "I will ask my friends what I can do to become a more attractive pet."

First, rat asked rabbit… "Fur" said rabbit, "Everyone knows fluffier is better." "Here, have some of mine."

Next, rat asked hamster… "Seeds" squeaked hamster, "stuff your cheeks with seeds. Everyone knows puffy cheeks are cute."

Third, rat asked ferret… "A longer back" suggested ferret, "try my paper tube. Everyone knows a long back is becoming."

Fourth, rat asked puppy… "Bows" barked puppy, "tie a row of bows to decorate your plain-looking tail. Everyone knows accessorizing is pleasing."

Last, rat asked bird… "Feathers" tweeted bird, "adorn your head with dazzling feathers. I will pluck some of mine. Everyone knows plumes are desirable.

Now the animals agreed, this was rat's best look. Rat felt satisfied and went to sleep. Soon, morning arrived and shopper came. A young girl peered into rats' cage. "Woa!" she exclaimed, "what kind of an animal is that?" It's fluffy like a rabbit, puffy cheeked like a hamster, long-backed like a ferret, accessorized like a puppy, and feathered like a bird"

A store clerk came to look. "Uh oh, what have you been doing" the clerk asked rat. "I better clean you up." Rat's heart sank as the clerk removed all her beauty, and set her back into her cage.

"It's a RAT!" said the girl excitedly. "And a beautiful rat is exactly what I wanted for a pet." Rat smiled knowing this was her best look as the girl took her home. The End