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Quiana, Quinn, and the Quacking Queen, in Outerspace

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Page 1
Quiana, Quinn, and the Quacking Queen, in Outerspace
By Kira M.


Page 2
Quiana and her friend Quinn were hiking on the trail when five funny looking aliens landed and invited them to their ship.


Page 3
The aliens took them to meet thier captain the Queen. Quiana and Quinn liked the Queen.


Page 4
One of the aliens used her powers and turned the queen into a duck by accident. Everyone was very quiet. She could not reverse the spell. All the Queen said was...


Page 5
Quack!! Quack!! Quack!!


Page 6
Quiana asked the Queen some questions to find out how to reverse the spell. All the queen said was...


Page 7
Quack!! Quack!! Quack!!


Page 8
The Queen started shivering and Quinn covered her with a quilt.


Page 9
The Queen got thirsty and Quiana gave the Queen a quart of water.


Page 10
The Queen was quick. She picked up her quill and wrote down the words to reverse the spell. Everybody say... Quack!! Quack!! Quack!!


Page 11
They all stood together and said... Quack!! Quack!! Quack!! The Queen turned back into an alien. That was the end of the quack quack spell. The End.