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Peanut and the Orange Cat

Peanut and the Orange Cat
By Emily

Once upon a time, when I was four years old, I got a kitty named, Peanut. He was striped black, brown, gray, and white. When I was five years old, Peanut and I moved to my Grandma’s house. I taught Peanut how to be a circus cat. I taught him how to balance, climb, and jump on my Grandma’s wooden laundry rack.

One night I heard a scary noise. It was a cat howling on the back porch. It was a big, orange striped tomcat and he was looking for Peanut. Peanut was scared and hiding under the porch, but then ... ... the tomcat found him! And BAM! SMACK! JUMP! HISS! MEOW! Peanut got away! The orange cat hunted everywhere for him. The next day, I searched all over for him. He was gone, and he is still gone. I will love him always. I think he is at the circus.