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One day in the life of My Shoes


One day in the life of My Shoes
By Adrianna

One spring day, I was searching for my trusty shows. I finally found them taking a nap in the closet so I woke them up. As I was putting them on, my mom came in. “I want you to throw away those old, dirty, worn out shoes,” she said. I didn’t want to, but sadly I obeyed my mother. Along the way I heard my shoes talking to each other about how I would never throw them away. Then, “POOF,” there they were. In the old, stinky, icky, mucky garbage they lay. They were yelling for help to get out, so I put them in the outside garbage instead so we wouldn’t hear their sad cries. Somehow, once I was back inside, they tipped over the garbage can. The next day I had a big sticky mess to clean up after school. When I was cleaning, I didn’t see my shoes. I asked my mom if I could look for them. She said, “After your homework you may look.” Later, when I looked for them, I looked everywhere I thought they might be. Afterwards I asked my mom if we could put up a “LOST SHOES” sign. “No,” she answered.

I went into my room and started to cry. When I finished I went and asked mom if she would help me look. “I don’t need to,” she said. There, in her hands, were my shoes! I asked her where she found them. Mom explained that Miss Sun, our friendly neighbor, spotted them. They were on the street by our apartment building calling for help. She went from door to door asking if anyone lost any shoes. At last, she came to our door. “And you said, ‘Yes,’ right?” I asked happily. “I sure did,” mom answered. I looked at my shoes and scolded them. “Don’t you dare run away again!” Looking back at mom, I asked, “May I keep them?” “Yes,” she said. Yea! Yahoo! The End.