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The New Pet

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The New Pet
By Henry K.


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One sunny October day in Washington at the pet store, there was a new shipment. It had warning signs all over it and looked awfully big. "My, my," thought the store keeper, but took it anyways.


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10 days later the store keeper was sick and tired of the box just laying there, so he moved it outside. But little did he know it was going to be a big problem...


Page 4
The next morning, an aligater stepped out of the box and drank a bottle of super growth juice which aliens had dropped.


Page 5
All of a sudden, he grew bigger and bigger untill he was as big as a Tyranasaurrus rex. Then, he started wrecking the city and eating cars. Mean while...


Page 6
A banana peel in the trash at the pet store fell onto the grass and accidently steped in some alien growth juice. Then it grew bigger, and bigger, and bigger. Then, the store keeper saw it and had a idea.


Page 7
The giant alligator was still wrecking the city, and then he heard a noise. He turned around, and he slipped on the giant banana and fell into the ocean.


Page 8
The town had a huge celebration, and the banana won the World's biggest banana contest. The store keeper went back to his job and everything was normal. But the next morning there was a new shipment...