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I Learned My Lesson by Michelle Kim

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I Learned My Lesson
By Michelle Kim

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Another wet and soggy day in Bellevue...The rain has been annoying me for 22 days straigh! When will the rain stop torturing me? I am sick of hearing the water down the pipes, trust me it is so not music to my ears!

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To make matters worse, Mrs. Stinkledinkle is giving a geography lesson on the Hawaiian Islands. This is dreadful, why would she pick today for teaching about a rich, beautiful, paradise? With all of this talk about hot climate and sandy beaches, I couldn't help but, daydream about walking along the salty, calm ocean! Really, who wouldn't want to go to Hawaii, with all of this cold rain? I DO!

Page 4
CLUNK! I suddenly pop into a colorful, fabulous paradise that is completely deserted! Oh my! This place is gorgeous, and I am all by myself...except for the monk seals and dolphins swimming in the water. Should I go run around and play like a wild animal, or should I go and find a way to get out of here? I choose choice A; I mean who would want to go back to a rainy, soggy, wet Bellevue? Not me!

Page 5
I am taking advantage of this fantastic paradise! I start by eating a fresh, nutritious coconut and then go swimming with dolphins! Man, this is so much better than sitting in an uncomfortable chair in class.

Page 6
Gradually, a storm hit the tropical island and now it is even rainier here than at home! This paradise is so not what I thought it was...I am sad, scared and I miss my beloved family. I would rather be in soggy old Bellevue. Sitting on the beach I accidently bumped into a Hawaii monk seal and cuddled up with it to keep me warm. the monk seal rubbed my arm to make me feel better.

Page 7
BLINK! I wake up with a start and realized it was Mrs. Stinkledinkle tapping me on the shoulder all along! Of course, I got sent to the principal's office. I learned my lesson to NEVER, EVER daydream in class again.

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