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I Like to Knit

I Like to Knit
By Meglacey

Hi! I'm knitting. It's fun to knit. I like to knit. It's relaxing and peaceful, too.

I learned to knit when I was 6 years old. In the summer I went to Kalispell, Montana, to visit my Granny. She taught me how to garter stitch. The first thing I knitted was… well, it turned out to be a skirt. Now I practice by making squares. I knitted a scarf, backpack, and a blanket for my teddy bear Pinky. I am still making him mittens.

I got a book from the library. It was called Kids Knit. I got a book from Santa. It was called Kids Can Knit. That book taught me to finger-knit. You need yarn and needles to knit. If you're making tassels you need yarn and a crochet hook.

Here are some stitches you might want to know: casting on, garter, pearl, stockinet, seed, and binding off. Casting on is when you start; binding off is when you end. Sometimes you can knit outside, or you can knit while you watch T.V.

Bye! I'm going to have free time now. But have you ever tried knitting a leprechaun a pair of pants?