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How the Zebra Came to Be

How the Zebra Came to Be
By Yasmin

Once upon a time, 200 years ago, there was a world called “Animal World.” In this world where only animals lived, there lived an unusually spotted horse. Her mother wasn’t spotted, her father wasn’t spotted, her brother wasn’t spotted, only she was spotted—and she did not like it. Everyone gave her the advise (except her family, who thought she was wonderful how she was) to go to the Cave of Wonders, where there is said to be a mysterious spirit, and if you wish hard enough, your wish just might come true. As days went by, the animals kept on advising the little spotted horse to go to the Cave of Wonders, and the more they told her to, the more she got tempted. One day, the little horse got so fed-up with being so unusual, that she decided that the next day, early in the morning, she would set off for the Cave of Wonders. The next morning, she woke up early, grabbed some food, and ran out, into the unknown. Luckily, every horse knew the way to the Cave of Wonders, and the little horse found her way there quickly. As she entered the cave, a deep voice bellowed, “Who has entered my cave?”

“It is I,” said the little horse nervously, “I have come here to make a much-needed wish.” “Alright then,” the deep voice said, “Let me here it.” The little horse told the “voice” all about being spotted, and how she had been advised to go to the Cave of Wonders to become de-spotted. After she had told the “voice” this, it said, “I see. I can grant you the wish of not being spotted, but you will be something else—I cannot tell you what.” The little spotted horse thought for a minute, and said slowly, “Alright.” “Here goes,” thought the little horse while she was blown in a magical wind. “Done.” said the voice. The horse looked down at herself—she was all black and white stripes! “Thank you.” she whispered and went home.