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Frank the Monster

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Page 1
Frank the Monster
By Jack G.


Page 2
This is Frank. Frank is really big.


Page 3
He is so big people are afraid of him. Even though he is nice.


Page 4
One day Frank was really bored. Frank doesn't have any brothers or sisters, so he knocked on a farmer's door.


Page 5
The Farmer came out and when he saw Frank, he ran.


Page 6
So Frank knocked on the next door.


Page 7
and the next...


Page 8
Frank decides to go home, and suddenly he sees another monster. And the other monster sees Frank.


Page 9
Frank waves to him and says "Hi! Want to play a game?"


Page 10
"Sure," says the other monster. "Let's play scare the villagers!"


Page 11
So Frank and George stamp through the town making scarey sounds and scareing all the people.


Page 12
No longer bored, Frank and George go home.


Page 13
the end