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Fish Sticks and Friends

Fish Sticks and Friends
By Zara

It was a bright, sunny morning in Swamp Town. The bugs were up and buzzing. The toads croaked “good morning” as they opened their shops on Ribbit Road. Vanilla, the hairiest, greenest, friendliest frog in town, woke up excited that it was her birthday. She hopped out of bed and put on her favorite outfit—purple and blue star-covered pants, an aqua green top, and a golden tiara. She decided to go buy the heart-shaped postage stamp with the frog in the middle that she’d been saving her money for. But when she got to Toady’s Store, the stamp was gone! Toady said someone bought it earlier that morning.Vanilla was so sad that she cried the whole way home. When Vanilla got back to her house, she called her friend Lily the penguin and invited her over to celebrate her birthday. Vanilla cooked some fish sticks. While they baked, she quizzed herself on spelling and she passed. By the time the fish sticks were done, Lily had arrived.

The friends swam in the pool, groomed themselves in the bathroom, raced around the track, and ate up all the fish sticks. Finally, it was time for Vanilla to open her presents. She got a stuffed (toy) fly and a whole buggy pie. “Yum,” said Vanilla. “I love buggy pie.” When she opened her last present, Vanilla couldn’t believe her eyes. It was the heart-shaped stamp! “This is just what I wanted!” Vanilla exclaimed. “Thank you Lily.” When Lily left, Vanilla put on her pajamas, snuggled her stuffed fly, and went to sleep in her comfortable lily pad bed. She dreamt about her wonderful, beautiful, lovely, happy, hoppy birthday.