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The Dragon at the Park by Mina Gabriel


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I was so impressed by the above entry. Mina Gabriel has unusual talent and skills for someone in just kindergarten. Her penmanship and use of words, spelling and sentences are amazing. Her drawings are darling. I loved the moral of the story----solving problems and getting along.
Thank you for encouraging kids.

5/28/2011 That is amazing,for such a young lady to have the grasp of writing and drawing,and telling her story is Very Amazing indeed!

Way to go "Mina", you have such a grasp on humanity, listening & learning from each other & compassion for all. Great artwork, keep up the great works!!!

This is such a great story! We loved it! You are a talented artist and writer!!!!

Dear Mina, Grandma and I are very Proud of you and your creative
ability. Keep up the good work,you can be anything
you make up your mind to be. This was a excellent
story you wrote.