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Dr. Shark

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Dr. Shark
By Naveed A.


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Once upon a time there was a shark named Tom. His dad was a submarine driver, and his mom was a cook. Tom was very nice, and polite. He liked to make friends. He lived in the ocean and he had a computer in his room.


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Tom wanted to be a doctor, but...his parents wanted him to be a submarine driver. Tom really wanted to be a doctor. So...Tom said "please". Tom's parents said "No". Sharks can't make a good doctor because they have pointy fins and they might hurt the patients. Tom was sad. So he woke up early one day and saw his dad UN-sharpen his fin! That gave Tom an idea! Maybe if I UN-sharpen my fin every day I can be a doctor. He taught himself how to UN-sharpen his fin. Tom's mom said I am proud that you learned that!


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Mom said "A good doctor is very smart." Tom studied as much as he could. One day Tom looked at his calendar, hooray! he shouted. It is almost end of the school year and, I did so well at school, can I be a doctor now?


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Mom said "Universities don't let sharks to become doctors." Tom searched the internet. He searched "how to find college applications" and "good schools for sharks." He finally found a really good school.


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It was the University of Ocean. Tom swam to mom and said that he found a school and sharks are allowed to be a doctor. Mom was surprised. Tom worked as hard as he could to fill up the applications and got accepted to university. As time went on shark studied and made really good friends and became a very good doctor.