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Supporting Children with Special Needs

Supporting Children with Special Needs

"Special needs" broadly refers to children with particular conditions not found in the majority of the population (e.g. Down Syndrome, autism, sight or hearing impairment, etc.) as well as any child whose development is atypical.  This workshop will give tips for the best ways to support children with special needs and how to include them in everything their peers do.

Sample Themes and Tips

  • Be consistent by providing a predictable schedule and a stable environment.
  • Convey information in a variety of ways.  For example, include pictures along with print on your daily schedule or shopping list.
  • Break big tasks into small steps by letting children who can complete a step on their own do so. Also be sure to provide help on steps that may be beyond a child's developmental abilities. 
  • Invite verbal interaction by asking children to use words and sentences to convey their desires, feelings, or experiences.