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Promoting Language Development in Infants and Toddlers

Promoting Language Development in Infants and Toddlers

Language development is the foundation for a child's ability to interact with the world, and babies rely on everyone else to interpret their needs.  This workshop focuses on how young children start developing language and how we can help them express themselves.

Sample Themes and Tips

  • Respond to sounds infants make.  Look at them, smile, copy their sounds or say a few simple words back.
  • Be a verbal label-maker by naming objects and actions that children see or experience.  You can even say the words in more than one language.  Use the language that is most natural to you when talking to  your baby.
  • Read to infants and toddlers.  It is never too early to begin reading aloud to children.  Sometimes infants like to look at books together and have the adult name things.
  • Be a good listener by listening for a baby's attempts to communicate and respond accordingly.  When possible, give children your undivided attention by getting down to their level and making eye contact.