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Celebrating Diversity: Supporting English Language Learners

Celebrating Diversity: Supporting English Language Learners

In this workshop we explore ideas to create an environment where each child feels warm and welcome.  Join an important discussion about involving parents who are second-language learners, and how celebrating cultures through activities like cooking and learning new words can build a positive atmosphere for growth and learning.

A Self-Assessment

Raising issues related to diversity can be as hard for adults as for children.  The more you think about things like prejudice or stereotyping or what equity means, the more likely you are to succeed in helping children deal with these issues.

Sample Questions

  • What is your first memory of a person who was different from you?  How did you feel at that first encounter?
  • How do you interact with someone who doesn't share your perspective?
  • When working with children, do your activities and materials reflect the diversity of your community?
  • How do you define "family"?  What do you think makes a "good" family?  What do you do when the families of the children in your care don't fit your image of "family" or "good family?"