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History Cafe

History Cafe: Genealogy Roadshow

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

History Cafe: Geneology Roadshow
October 2013, MOHAI Cafe at the Museum of History & Industry

Join genealogy librarians, John LaMont and Mahina Oshie, from The Seattle Public Library for a discussion on Seattle-area resources, tips and tricks for researching your family history – wherever they might come from.

Also, get a peek at a new program on KCTS, Geneaolgy Roadshow. Part detective story and part emotional journey, combining history and science to uncover the fascinating stories of Americans.

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my father Joseph E Gray son of Myrtle Lee Gray who is daughter of Ebson Lee. stated that he was 6 cousin to Robert E Lee how can I find out

My grandfather, Kyriakos Theodore came to the US in early 1900s from Greece on a ship into Ellis Island. I would like to now about my ancestors in Greece. As far as I know, he was from Piraeus, close to Athens and his father was Steve, and mother was Sophie. He had 3 siblings, one brother, 2 sisters. 1 sister came to America, Fannie, and lived in Georgia. The other sister died as a child and the brother died in a war. Kyriakos was born around 1890 and came to America alone (or maybe with sister, Fannie)around 1908. Any info you can give me on my roots would be appreciated. Thank you.

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