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QUEST NW Education Explainer Games Demo Page

NOTE: The following is a preview of the individual components of the QUEST NW Education Explainer package, which is in development now. This Web page is for preview purpose only.


With this educational explainer, students will gain an understanding of ocean acidification and learn how the burning of fossil fuels affects the atmosphere as well as the ocean. Students will see examples of the effects of ocean acidification, learn ocean acidification vocabulary, understand how healthy ecosystems may be more resilient to change and test their knowledge of ocean acidification. These materials are designed for 4-6th grade and may be adapted for older students.

Ocean Acidification Vocabulary Game

There are 14 vocabulary words associated with ocean acidification – the definition of each word is revealed when a player clicks on a vocabulary card. This can be used as a pre-test, to reinforce the vocabulary and/or to check what students have learned. The game may be played on screen or the cards may be printed and cut out. This game is part of our Ocean Acidification Education series.

Pteropods: Very Small Very Important

Pteropods are free-floating marine snails that play a very big part in oceanic ecosystems. Although they are very small, these creatures are extremely important because they make up the base of the oceanic food web. Pteropods are good indicators of the health of an ecosystem. Scientists have seen the negative effects of ocean acidification on pteropods and are studying these organisms to better understand the problem. This slideshow is part of our Ocean Acidification Education series.

Otters v. Climate Change

Learn about the connection between sea otters, sea urchins, kelp forests and global climate change. Ocean acidification is the result of too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the result of the burning of fossil fuels. This video shows how conservation of wildlife can have an impact on global climate change. It also shows how healthy balanced ecosystems will be the best offense in a rapidly changing environment.

Ocean Acidification Awareness Game

Test your knowledge of ocean acidification. This multiple-choice game contains 4 questions in each of three categories: Ocean Dynamics, Ocean Chemistry and Life in the Ocean. Students can test their knowledge as a pre or post-test compiling points to see what they know. This game is part of our Ocean Acidification Education series.