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Combo: • CD, Easy Breathing Exercises • DVD, Easy Yoga: The Secret to Strength and Balance
Broadcast Program. In Peggy’s latest special, she shows how yoga can come to the aid of people who want to increase strength and mobility at any age. Peggy’s classes in Peterborough, New Hampshire, are living examples that it’s never too late to begin. Meet and follow home students from ages 30 to 80 who practice yoga, and see the positive impact yoga has on their lives. The two content segments focus separately on building strength and then maintaining or developing better balance.
Peggy Cappy’s Easy Breathing Exercises CD contains easy-to-learn instructions to maximize the effectiveness of better breathing which reduces tension, relieves stress, and promotes healing. Track List: 1. Slow Deep Breathing 2. Equal Breathing 3. Following the Breath 4. Expanding the Breath 5. Three Minute Breath 6. The Relaxing Breath 7. The Energizing Breath 8. Words with Breath 9. Better Breathing