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Travel to Peggy’s historic hometown of Peterborough, NH, to meet the men and women whose lives have been dramatically improved by Peggy’s classes. Hear first-hand accounts of how yoga has helped her students ease their arthritis and increase their overall health and well-being.
This prepackaged kit includes Easy Yoga for Arthritis with Peggy Cappy DVD and Stress Relief: Peggy Cappy's Deep Relaxation for the Rest of Your Life CD
Peggy Cappy's Deep Relaxation for Stress will help you find relief from stress and anxiety through her guided relaxation. All you have to do is listen. Follow Peggy's comforting voice to a peaceful and restful relaxation to recharge your spirit and your life. Simply by listening to this recording, you will likely relax more deeply than you ever have before! And, as Peggy's voice guides you in relaxation, you will find that the constant chatter of your mind quiets, so that in its place, you will develop a calm and deep sense of contentment.