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Douglas P. Beighle, 1932–2013

This past February, our longtime board member Doug Beighle passed away while traveling with his wife in Myanmar (Burma). The KCTS 9 staff has shared many stories with me since we lost Doug. While I knew him for only a few years, his contributions are very well known to our station and our community. I don’t know that any one person has done more for KCTS 9 than Doug. He was with the station as it developed into a national and international production house, and he stood up for the station and the community when times were tough. Doug was courageous and committed, listening to the needs of donors, community and staff. It is not an exaggeration to say that this station is here today because he gave his time, guidance and financial support. It is due to the staunch support of friends like Doug that we are able to offer you everything that KCTS 9 has come to stand for—now and in times to come. We miss Doug and offer our sincere condolences to all his family and friends. Maurice “Moss” Bresnahan, President & CEO