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Gerard Schwarz

June 13, 2011

Gerard Schwarz has directed the Seattle Symphony for 25 years, building its membership from 5,000 to over 35,000, spearheading the creation of Benaroya Hall, and taking the symphony to national prominence. Schwarz has won two Emmys, earned 14 Grammy nominations, and is the first American to win the prestigious Musical America's Conductor of the Year. But after 25 years, Schwarz is stepping down. Join us as we look back at Schwarz incredible career and accomplishments. We'll get a rare look at Schwarz's creative studio at Benaroya Hall, and take a special tour of his music library -- a vault of 25 years of his favorite symphonies and compositions that few outsiders have ever seen.

Chapter 1: Looking Back On A Career

Chapter 2: Influences

Chapter 3: Benaroya Hall

Chapter 4: Building A Great Orchestra

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About Gerard Schwarz

Gerard Schwarz (born August 19, 1947) is an American conductor who has been the director of the Seattle Symphony Orchestra since 1985.

Schwarz attended New York City's High School of Performing Arts and Juilliard School of Music. He began his his musical career as a trumpeter, playing as the principal of the New York Philharmonic until 1973, and also conducting as early as 1966.

He has been the music director of a number of notable organizations, including the Eastern Music Festival in North Carolina, the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra (RLPO), and the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra. Schwarz has received 2 Emmy awards, 13 Grammy nominations, six ASCAP awards, and numerous Stereo Review and Ovation awards.