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Colin Goddard & Kristina Anderson

July 4, 2011

They survived the Virginia Tech shooting massacre, one of the worst in American history. Now Kristin Anderson and Colin Goddard are working for the Brady Campaign to end gun violence. They are featured in a new film, "Living for 32" which was a selected film at Sundance.

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Chapter 1: Survival and Recovery

Chapter 2: Gun Safety

Chapter 3: Living for 32

About Colin Goddard & Kristina Anderson

Colin Goddard

Goddard's parents were both international development workers, and so he spent a good deal of his childhood traveling to developing countries with them, including Mogadishu in Somalia, Djakarta in Indonesia and Cairo in Egypt. He started his college career as a physics major at Virginia Tech with aspirations to become an astronaut until he discovered he was colorblind. Before the shooting he was considering foreign service work, and currently he works with the Brady campaign against gun violence.

Kristina Anderson

Anderson was born in the Ukraine and lived there until the age of 8 before moving with family to the U.S. After the April 16th shootings at Virginia Tech, she founded the Koshka Foundation, a non-profit that works toward improving school safety and creating student awareness.