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The Surprising Behavior Of Crows

The Surprising Behavior Of Crows
January 2011 in Kirkland

John Marzluff, a bird expert from the University of Washington, discusses how human development has aided and enhanced crows and their society.

John Marzluff's more recent Science Café on "More Surprising Behavior of Crows"
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I liked this presentation better than his most recent science cafe -- wished I had known about it back then.

The discussion part added a lot. The audience person's story about using the newspaper to block out light and sound from the noisy neighbor was great. Another thing about the discussion is that it shows science as less authoritative and more participatory for anyone.

But I had hoped he would mention a relatively easy way to distinguish crows from ravens. He mentioned in the discussion period about the ravens sticking as a pair to a location more than crows, but that doesn't work well as a quick identifier.

Thanks for posting it.