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Science Cafe

Science Cafe: Food, Science, & Why Every Kitchen Needs a Centrifuge

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Food, Science & Why Every Kitchen Needs a Centrifuge

The culinary world is undergoing its biggest revolution since the invention of the restaurant, and these food trends are beginning to work their way into home kitchens around the world. Join Scott Heimendinger of Modernist Cuisine and to explore the history of the modernist cuisine movement, sous vide cooking, electricity, lasers, and why every kitchen should have a centrifuge.

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That was an interesting 30-minute slide show.
But I had hoped to see the discussion**. Can't you include the discussion in the video?

**From the Science Cafe homepage:
"The evening begins with a brief presentation by a scientist, which kicks off an extended discussion session between the scientist and audience."


Hello Jon,

The discussion portion often (and usually) doesn't translate well to online watching. The audience can't be seen, and often aren't picked up by the mics as well. Also, people are less likely to start watching a video online if they think they're making a 60 minute time commitment versus only 30. You are always welcome to attend the <a href="">events</a> in person if you wish to experience the discussion/Q&A.

KCTS 9 Staff

Thanks, Annika.

Very good points. But if the resources were there, a separate video having highlights of the discussion would be great. On some of the other videos (e.g., Expeditionary art) I hear audience replies (after the speaker's prompt), and these moments really liven up the viewing experience.