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When Seattle Invented the Future: The 1962 World’s Fair (2012)

Postcards from the 1962 Seattle World's Fair

The 1962 World's Fair brought people from across the world to Seattle. The collection presented below consists of postcards that visitors to Seattle sent back home to family and friends across the United States.

Postcard collection courtesy of Knute Berger

To Santa Barbara, CA
Dear Mrs.--
Greetings to you and our many friends there at the Sumarkand.
Finally was able to get over to the Fair for a few hours last evening. One needs a “brain-stretcher” in some of the buildings!
In him.

To Fort Wayne, IN
Art—We finally made it to eat up here. Had to wash a powerful lot of dishes to pay for it—but it was fun. Drove down some hair curling roads to L.A. Beautiful trip but have had my share of mts. taking 66 home.

To Whittier, CA
Having a grand time. The fair is fabulous. Don’t believe the rumors. You don’t need reservations for rooms & things are their normal prices. Having lunch in the needle tomorrow. Leaving for Canada & San Juan Islands Monday. Saw Cosmonaut Titov at the fair.
Gene & Mary

To Sutherlin, OR
Tues. 5-22
Leaving here today. Going to Yosemite Fri. Has been lovely here and we have enjoyed it. Hope you are having a good trip. Will write letter later. This is for you girls too Jackie & Sandy.
Love, Nira & Mac

To Mount Airy, MD
Dear Mom & Don,
I’m standing in line waiting to see the “Friendship 7” in the Nasa Exhibit. It’s 1:30 right now. Sat. night we went up in the Space Needle. This cake is in the Food Circus where we ate. I’m (was) staying with Irma Henry, Zola’s cousin (I think). I’m going home this evening because I have to be back at 8:00 for a CYO meeting. I went through the Science Exhibit & waited ½ hour. Sometimes you have to wait for 1 hour or more. Send more later.

To Walla Walla, WA
Sunday June 10?, ‘62
Look familiar? I went through the Science Pav. for the 2nd time today--had to go back & read the fine print. Also ate so many French pastries—fell in love with a charming Frenchman--oh, la la!!! Right now it’s 10:30 and Corey and I are in the food pav., having smorgasbord & Chinese food & baked apple—why do I love to eat?
See you Weds.

To Fort Collins, CO
May 28th
Dear Jessie & Buck
Went to the Fair today & rode the Monorail. It was really a smooth ride. We didn’t get to go up in the Needle—such a crowd of people waiting there. Although it was sunny & clear in Seattle today, it was chilly; a cold breeze blew in from the ocean all day. We really miss the Colorado sunshine.
Cody & Eva

To Elkhart, IN
Aug. 1
Dear Mrs--
Didn’t have time to write while in Seattle. Went to the Fair one day. Went up in the Space Needle also rode the Monorail. Another day went to see Mt. Rainier of course we couldn’t go to the peak but ate our lunch 6400 ft. up the side of the mountain. It is 14410 ft. Was so worn out when we came to Denver last week was ill for a few days. We are anxious to come home but the wedding won’t be until the 18th.

To St. Louis, MO
June 13, Bremerton Wash.
Here we are at the fair—most spectacular exhibition.
4 of us left home June 2. Have been to Calgary, Banff & Lake Louise. After we leave the fair we are going to Victoria B.C. which they say is as English as Essex. They tell me Charlie was married recently.
Do come to Marshall soon—


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Wow, what a great blast from the past! My mother and I rode the train from Portland to go the Seattle World's Fair in 1962. It all seemed so cutting edge! I was fascinated by the Bubbleator or at least the idea of it. I loved all the exhibits about our probable future - Century 21! I think that is where my love of sci fi came from. We had dinner in the Space Needle, feeling daring because it seemed that it could topple over as did the monorail. Very dangerous to a 12 year old. I still have some pictures from then - the International Fountain, the science exhibits, the crowds, the rides. Loved it!