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Qweenie's Rescue

Qweenie's Rescue
By Vanessa

One morning, Sammy woke up to find his clock already at 7:15. He rushed downstairs. "You can go back to bed if you want," said his Mom. "There's no school today because of the big snow storm last night." "But I really want to go to school," whined Sammy as he poured some milk.

Well, the school is closed and some neighbors don't even have power," said Sammy's Mom. "No power!" shouted Sammy. "Mommy, I have to get to school because Qweenie, our class fish, could have her babies today," said Sammy.

"Qweenie is a guppy and if she gets her babies today, someone has to take the babies out of the tank and Qweenie might get frozen without her aquarium light," said Sammy. "Why should they take them out?" asked Sammy's Mom. "Because if you leave the babies in the tank, Qweenie will eat them, that's what the guppies do," explained Sammy.

"How awful!" said Sammy's Mom, "but the school is locked and nobody is there." "I know! I know! I have to find someone," shouted Sammy. "Maybe I can call Daniel for help." "Who" asked Sammy's Mom? "Daniel is the school custodian so he might have the school key." Replied Sammy. Soon, Daniel's truck showed up. "Good luck!" said Sammy's Mom as she watched Sammy climb into the truck eagerly.

Luckily, it was the right time for Sammy and Daniel to get to room 401 and watch Qweenie have her babies. Sammy used a net to fish Qweenie and the babies out and took them home. "Good job! You saved the family," said Daniel. "I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you!" said Sammy. They both laughed.


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Your post made me go "D'AWWWW" all over. Cute story and the name Qweenie for a pet fish sounds cute too. Haha
-<a href="">Forex Contest</a>