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The Pufferfish Who Could Not Puff

The Pufferfish Who Could Not Puff
By Abbey

Under the sea there lived a pufferfish. His name was Puffy. Puffy had a problem. He could not blow up like all his friends. Sometimes they made fun of him and this made him sad.

Pufferfish blow up when they are scared. One day Puffy was swimming with his friends when a fishing net scooped them all up. All the other puffer fish blew up because they were scared. But Puffy could not blow up. Because Puffy was still small he swam through a little hole in the net and used his prickly spines to make a big hole in the net so his friends could escape too. Now Puffy is a super hero and his friends don't make fun of him anymore. The End.


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I like it! I have three puffer fish, so this story makes me smile. :)