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Amnesia - A gripping psychological thriller

UPDATED with additional air time: March 27, 9p & 10:15p.

Amnesia is a gripping psychological thriller that follows the crumbling life of Detective Sergeant "Mack" Stone, a black-out drunk, and his dangerous obsession with an unsolved mystery. While investigating the disappearance of his wife, Stone, losing his grip on reality, hones in on amnesia patient John Dean and pursues him relentlessly. But, as Stone's behavior becomes more erratic, his claims seem less credible – leaving him to question his own memory. A suspenseful story packed with intricate twists, this intelligent drama will keep audiences guessing until the very end, as the two flawed protagonists move towards their thrilling final confrontation.

Premiered Thursday, 12/18/14, at 8pm.

Update: Amnesia will repeat on Friday, 3/27/15. Part one begins at 9pm. Part two begins at 10:15pm.

It will keep you guessing until the very end! Watch the preview:


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Re "Amnesia" - I recorded this program but only the first part was successful and when I checked for the repeat, I saw the repeat was listed for Saturday, at 11:40 pm, after "Amadeus" but my TV guide shows there's no repeat, only David Suchet. Are you going to repeat "Amnesia" ? Why is it listed as a repeat in your KCTS Guide but on my television screen guide, you show David Suchet instead?
I really want to watch the conclusion of this thriller.

Nancy, I am sorry to hear it didn't record! I am unable to verify now but it looks like you're correct in that the replay on Saturday night has been changed out - probably due to the length of "Amadeus." We apologize- schedule changes can be very frustrating. I'll forward a note to our programming person to see if we have any plans to replay this soon.

Just wondering, Daphne, did you hear back from programming as to when Part II of Amnesia will air. It is quite the cliffhanger. Looking forward to your response.

Thank you.

I recorded Amnesia but only part 1 was on my DVR. How can I get Part 2? This is extremely annoying. i really want to know how it ends!

Missed "Amnesia" but heard from a friend that it was excellent. When will it be repeated. Thanks.

The same thing happened to me that happened to Nancy when I recorded it. The Start at KCTS guide showed Amnesia as one block of time from 8 pm - 10:30 pm but my cable provider broke it into Part 1 and 2 so Part 2 didn't get recorded. then I was disappointed to realize the programming change so it isn't on tonight. Please repeat it if possible.

I also hope you decide to repeat this drama. I programmed my DVR to record it but I ended up only getting Part 1, as I didn't realize my cable provider had it broken into two parts and I only clicked on the first visible segment.
sounds like it's worth seeing, too!

I recorded it but got only the first part and a bit of the second. I live in Canada and watch your channel very frequently. Please repeat the program.

I looked at my program guide and only saw Part 1, how frustrating is that! Please let me know when you can show part two. I am quite happy to watch on-line if you can provdie that. Please do. And let me know. Thanks.

Like so many others, I watched my recorded Amnesia tonight and found that I only had Part I. So frustrated!! (Vancouver, Canada)

We also recorded the 12/18 broadcast of Amnesia, not realizing that it was only part 1 of ?

When will you broadcast part 2?


We also watched Part 1 recorded last night, not realizing that there was to be a part 2 which, of course, we do not have! It is so good and we would appreciate knowing if there will be a future airing of part 2. Thanks so much.

Been waiting for weeks to hear when Part 2 of Amnesia will be shown on Channel 9. Disappointed in Channel 9 that it has not been deemed important enough to address. Feels like a rip off. Accidental maybe but still like reading a book not knowing the last chapter is not longer available. Bet you all wish this "oddience" had caught "amnesia" from Part 1 and had never begun asking when Part 2 would be scheduled. Sorry but it built up quite a good story .....

Hi Janice and all -

We apologize for the delayed response! We will repeat "Amnesia" but we aren't able to schedule it for some time. It will certainly be noted in our viewer guide and email when it's rescheduled, so please keep an eye out for it.

Thank you,

Please consider repeating Amnesia, part 1 and part 2. PLEASE?????
Thank you.

We have scheduled a repeat in March - 3/27 at 9pm & 10:15pm.