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Want to Be a KCTS 9 Intern?


This summer, I was one of a handful of students who got the opportunity to intern at KCTS 9. During our time at the station, we got to try new things, explore different career paths and work on a variety of projects. Every day was truly a learning experience. One of the special things about interning at KCTS 9 is that the staff genuinely cares about their interns and the experience they walk away with.

Check out our video below to see how KCTS 9 inspires a smarter world!

- Introduction by marketing and communications intern Sydney Friend Sifferman. 


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Do I email my resume and cover letter to apply for the internship program ?

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Thanks for your comment. Internships will be posted in the Careers section of the website. We will be taking applications for the summer internship positions in June.

When will I hear back about my application for a summer internship?

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Thanks for your comment and patience. Qualified summer internship candidates can expect to hear back in the next few weeks, depending on which department you applied for. However, since intern managers perform many duties and often do not have the time, not all candidate will hear back.

Please email me a with your full name and which department you applied for and I can provide more information on your application status.

Hello! Nice post you have here! If some students are reading this post, they may enjoy this project too