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Man of Mystery: Inspector Lewis is Back

Get ready for even more intrigue! Masterpiece Mystery! viewers will enjoy Kevin Whatley’s return as Inspector Robert “Robbie” Lewis in three new episodes of the engaging series starting October 5. Amie Simon gets us up-to-date and ready for the season:

The history of the character
Robert Lewis entered the Mystery! cannon as Detective Sargent Lewis, partner to the eclectic Inspector Morse in the eponymous series that aired from 1987-2000. After the death of Morse lead John Thaw, Kevin Whatley reprised his role as an Inspector himself, and starting in 2006, Inspector Lewis worked with his own partner, Detective Hathaway (Laurence Fox), to solve a series of gruesome crimes. The last of which (Intelligent Design) left them both emotionally spent, with Lewis—and his new girlfriend—heading into a relaxing retirement, and Hathaway questioning whether he should continue with police work or finally return to his original pursuit of a religious life.

Lewis and Hathaway’s final scene at the end of season six nearly had us convinced it would be the final criminal case solved by the well-matched duo. But happily for viewers, the story continues as recently promoted Inspector Hathaway and his new partner Detective Sergeant Lizzie Maddox (Angela Griffin) have lured Lewis back from retired life with a one-year contract to help them puzzle out some particularly grisly murder cases in Oxford.

Getting to know Inspector Lewis
Devastated after the death of his wife, Inspector Robert Lewis adopted a darker world view, throwing himself into his job and becoming a dedicated workaholic. His uncanny instinct served him well when paired with Morse’s (sometimes unreliable) deduction skills, and also proves a perfect match to Hathaway’s more practical and careful nature.

Lewis rarely made time for any kind of social life—even his two children, who are rarely mentioned or seen in the series—which inhibited his romantic relationships until he met forensic pathologist Dr. Laura Hobson (Clare Holman), who is as dedicated to her job as Lewis is. The two eventually became a couple and are enjoying a quieter life together at the start of this latest season.

An introduction to the new season
Season 7 begins with Entry Wounds, with Hathaway working his first case as an Inspector with new partner DS Lizzie Maddox. Arson, a shooting and … animal rights activists? Already in too deep with his first murder mystery, Hathaway needs the help of someone with more experience to suss out the connections. As relaxing as his retirement is, Lewis would rather jump back into detecting than another visit the hardware store. But will Lewis and Hathaway be able to work together now that their roles are reversed?

Next is The Lions of Nemea, involving the brutal murder of a young student. Lewis and Hathaway have resettled into their relationship, with DS Maddox adding even more strength to the team. A prime suspect is quickly identified, but things grow complicated quickly! Each step of the investigation reveals more and more suspects—and the motive for the murder isn’t as clear as it seems. Will these heroes be able to slay the fierce lion and return triumphant with its skin?

The third episode, Beyond Good and Evil, explores a re-opened case. Inspector Lewis’ first case has been appealed after thirteen years due to questionable forensics! When a series of copycat murders occurs using the original weapon, Lewis has to wonder if he did, indeed, arrest an innocent man—and the race to prove whether or not there’s a new killer involved also becomes a race to save his reputation.

Let’s talk Lewis!
How do you feel about seeing Lewis and Hathaway together again? Do you think Lewis will be able to work underneath his former partner? Will DS Maddox throw a wrench into their process? Share your thoughts with us in the comments—we love to discuss all things Masterpiece Mystery!


Air dates for Inspector Lewis, Season 7:

Entry Wounds
Sunday, October 5, 9:00 pm

The Lions of Nemea
Sunday, October 12, 9:00 pm

Beyond Good and Evil
Sunday, October 19, 9:00 pm

Earlier in our blog: Read more about how Inspector Lewis got his badge in Masterpiece Mystery connections: Inspector Endeavour Morse.


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Well...I'll say it, I never liked Lewis, the character that is. He was never a match for Morse, he is very bland, has no investigating mind and always looks like someone else has given him the answers.
Now his side kick, Hathaway, is perfect and saves the show! He would have been excellent with Morse. He has a good mind and it makes sense when he figures out crimes. If Hathaway was not a character I could not watch Lewis, the plots however are pretty good. I hope the series evolves with Hathaway as lead and Lewis deep in retirement growing turnips somewhere.

Good feedback! Glad you're still watching -- Hathaway IS rather interesting, isn't he?

Well, I'm delighted that they're back (both characters) and am really looking forward to seeing the new episodes.

Excellent! So happy you're looking forward to it.

So glad Inspector Lewis is back. I thought he'd been forgotten. And it will be fun to see Hathaway. I've enjoyed him on Foyle's War.

So happy to see all the excitement! Can't wait to hear what everyone thinks of the new episodes.

I could not be more thrilled that "Lewis" is coming back. I loved the Inspector Morse series from the word go and John Thaw (not Shaw by the way) was a favourite actor of mine appearing in many wonderful programs as various characters. He actually passed away on February 21st 2002 the day before my late husband.

When visiting Oxford in 1996 our tour guide said, "Tell Morse he owes me a pint if you see him!" It made me feel like we had stepped into the series and that we could bump into him at any moment or see that classic red Jaguar drive by.

I really enjoyed his relationship with Lewis but have to admit that Laurence Fox as Hathaway has become my favourite! He is perfect in that role!!

Hallelujah!! ; >)

I am very, very glad and relieved. Robbie Lewis is as comforting as a pair of warm socks, and Hathaway provides a hint of mystery and intrigue with his personality. I hope this team never goes away! Thank you for bringing them back again!

Just for fun I'll put my tuppence: I think Morse and Hathaway are so alike that they wouldn't get along very well.
Sergeant Lewis was supposed to play the foil to Morse, and got to mature as Inspector. He was Lewis' avuncular mentor to Hathaway's intellectual young turk.
All-in-all, great fun and glad to see them back.

I had wondered, after Morse was gone, whether Lewis could pull off the lead and carry an interesting show. The answer is absolutely, and I think that the addition of Hathaway is part of the reason. They're great together and I was so happy they decided to do an 8th season. But now that season (the three episodes) is over. Any word at all on whether there will be a 9th?

I have all the Morse DVDs and Lewis DVDs. I enjoy all of them and hope that they continue to bring us Lewis and Hathaway. They make an excellent team. Hope there will be a season 9.

I have all the Inspector Morse dvds and Inspector Lewis dvds. I have always enjoyed Lewis and Hathaway together. I hope they will make a season 9. 11/15/14

I loved Morse and enjoyed Lewis equally for different reasons. Each show had intriguing characters who grew each episode. Morse had a foil in Lewis so Lewis needed a foil in Hathaway. They worked together in unique ways which made each show compelling. Bringing back Lewis to assist Hathaway works. He teaches him how to work with others. And, he actually learns to play second fiddle...only occasionally taking a lead. But they ease into their new rolls quite well by the end of the episodes. Loved it. I hope to see it for a few more years. It's good 'who done it' without having to worry that either will get killed or beaten up. I have enough of that on US TV. Thank you to two wonderful actors and their supporting casts. Endeavor is good but getting much more violent. I know that crimes is out there so why continually beat up the 'heroes'?