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Battle Ready

Battle Ready: Radio Documentary

December 6, 2016

A one-hour podcast special that explores the U.S. military's environmental legacy in the Pacific Northwest — from making thousands of planes and ships on the rivers to chopping down forests to building the nuclear bomb that would bring Japan to its knees. What was the environmental cost of winning WWII and how are we balancing military preparedness and environmental concerns today?


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I grew up in a loging comunity in Washington state during WW2. I worked in the woods felling and bucking trees in the summers of 1943-1944 snd 1945 during my school years. I was excused from High School so I could work in the woods. I was part of a lumbering family and knew many loging operations. I never saw or used a chainsaw duning that time. I did use a chainsaw in 1947. It was a 2 man saw and very heavy.I doubt if many chainsaws we used during WW2