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Her Aim Is True


Her Aim Is True


Available until January 13, 2017.

Jini Dellaccio captured images for some of the most memorable album covers from the 1960s. Snubbing convention, Dellaccio reinvented herself in her mid-thirties and became known as one of the most daring and innovative photographers in the field, working with legendary rockers, including the Rolling Stone, The Sonics and Neil Young.


For the first time in 50 years, Dellaccio shares her story and stunning archive, reuniting with musicians and rock photographers for a riveting voyage tracing the roots of her avant-garde artistry and fearless life, including previous stints playing jazz saxophone on the road with all-girl jazz bands and creating jaw-dropping portfolios for fashion models. With a soundtrack and interviews that capture the vibrant music subculture behind the “Northwest Sound,”  the film celebrates a legacy lost and found in an enduring story about love, music, indie spirits and breaking the rules. 

First time I got to look through the viewer of a Hasselblad, I never wanted to do anything else.

About the Filmmaker

Karen Whitehead is an accomplished journalist and has been a producer of current affairs documentaries and programming since 1991. She is a recipient of a CINE Golden Eagle Award for directing Woodlawn Redux (2008), shot on location in Virginia. Since being based in the United States, Karen has also produced a film on the history of the Berlin Wall and the role of the media, for exhibition at the Newseum in Washington, DC.

Whitehead's indie film Her Aim Is True traces the unheralded artistry of Jini Dellaccio, a pioneer in the field of rock photography in the early1960s. The film premiered at the Seattle International Film Festival and is being distributed by Gravitas Ventures. Through her production company, FUR FACE FILM, Whitehead has another independent feature project in pre-production and is involved with mentoring and professional development as a board member of Women in Film and Video of Washington, DC.


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What a teacher about life, music and photography! THAT'S what makes this so engaging. And I love how she's so forthcoming about not knowing a THING about her first camera when she purchased it; some folks ask me about photography and say "But I don't KNOW anything about it!" Jini didn't, either, but seemed to pour her heart and brain into it. What a jewel.

Please show this again....I only came across it for July 19 on PBS 9 and don't see it airing again in the future. Did I miss it maybe earlier in the month? I'm a 1964 Roosevelt graduate, danced to these bands at high school dances, many of my friends from the area, different Puget Sound high schoolers, would love to see this!! I know it's streaming for people on the website, but the older generation, me, much prefers tv. My son loves the Sonics and is going to one of their concerts in October at the Neptune Theater in the U District. Thank you....Kathy Beck, Bainbridge Island, WA

Hi Kathy - we are airing this film again on Sat. Dec 31 at noon. Hope you can catch it then. Thank you!

I caught this documentary half way through. What was the name of the last group she was photographing?

Hi Leslie, HER AIM IS TRUE is streaming here for another week. So you can watch it online anytime until Jan 13. Click the green Watch Now button above. Thanks!