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Cancer Stories

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'Heartbreaking': Seattle's Homeless are Getting Sicker and Shelters are Struggling to Keep Up

As baby boomers age, many are finding themselves in a system not set up for late-life care, without anywhere else to go.

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Knitters Support Breast Cancer Survivors With ‘Knitted Knockers’

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Cancer Stories: Finding a Match With Cord Blood

Cord blood transplants are proving to be just as successful as bone marrow transplants, thanks to new research led by Dr. Colleen...

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The Immunotherapy Breakthrough

Cancer researchers, physicians and patients reveal the latest discoveries in Immunotherapy, the treatment many are calling the first...

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Fighting Cancer With Vaccines

Twenty percent of all cancers worldwide are caused by an infection. Doctors at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center are...

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Cancer Stories: Dr. Keith Eaton

Dr. Keith Eaton was diagnosed with leukemia and was given less than a five percent chance of survival. Today, he is still smiling,...

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Interview With Barak Goodman

Even with the advancements made in modern medicine, the struggles of those fighting cancer still reflect those of the past. Barak...

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Cancer: Episode 1 | Magic Bullets

Follow the centuries-long search for a cure, leading to chemotherapy and a “war on cancer."