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The Widower: A Thrilling New Mini-Series


In PBS’s latest mini-series, The Widower, viewers will uncover the chilling real-life story of convicted murderer Malcom Webster. Played by Reece Shearsmith (Psychoville), Webster was a seemingly well-mannered nurse who came off as personable and charming. However, beneath the surface, he was a manipulative liar and killer who married, and then attempted to kill, a succession of women to cash in on their life insurance policies. Over a 13-year period, Webster poisoned and murdered his first wife, attempted to do the same to his second wife and aimed to deceive his third fiancée. 
Uncover the shocking story in this 3-part series, also starring Archie Panjabi (The Good Wife) and John Hannah (The Mummy). 
The Widower premieres Sunday, October 4, at 10:00 p.m. 
Part 1
When Claire confronts her husband, Malcolm Webster, over his wild spending, he tries to control her with sedatives. Afraid he’ll soon be caught, he silences her forever. Three years on, he has a new bride…and history appears to be repeating itself.
Part 2
After two failed attempts on Felicity’s life, Malcolm returns to Scotland and reinvents himself — this time as the perfect boyfriend to Simone. However, DS Henry is hot on his heels and will stop at nothing to prevent the next murder.
Part 3
As Malcolm continues to evade capture and plots to bigamously marry Simone, DS Henry is being thwarted at every step of his investigation. Time is running out when he stumbles across a legal ruling that could ultimately lead to Malcolm’s downfall.
Watch a preview: