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It’s Not too Late to Catch Up on Indian Summers!

Indian Summers, the stunning new epic drama on Masterpiece, is airing Sunday nights at 9pm this fall on KCTS 9. If you haven’t had a chance to watch the first two episodes, it’s not too late. The KCTS 9 and Masterpiece websites offer everything you’ll need to catch (or feed) the Indian Summers fever. This post is your cheat sheet!
To get started, check out the Indian Summers Sizzles post here on the KCTS 9 blog—it includes an introduction and a video preview. On the Masterpiece site, the First Look Slideshow includes an introduction to the story, as well as gorgeous photos of the scenes and the characters.
To learn more about the history of the Raj and the end of British rule in India, don’t miss All the Raj: 7 Things to Know About the History Behind Indian Summers.
In the Origins and Inspirations video, the cast and creators talk about the real-life inspiration behind the series; Discover Indian Summers lets you dive a little deeper.
The Character Hub is a great resource even if you’ve seen the episodes. It provides a photo and summary of all the main characters—their background, their relationship to other characters, their experiences—basically what makes them tick. The Character Hub also gives you the scoop on the actors who portray each character.
What about the star factor? Julie Walters, who plays Cynthia Coffin, the glamorous doyenne of an English social club, dishes it up on 6 things You Need to Know About Julie Walters.
Okay, so you want to know what's happened so far! Recaps of Episode 1 and Episode 2—again with spectacular photos—are now available on the Masterpiece website. In some areas, you can watch Episodes 1 and 2 in their entirety, right on the site.
Indian Summers is one of this fall’s must-see series. Don’t miss out on this exciting new drama—visit the KCTS 9 and Masterpiece websites now!


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How do I watch the episodes Indian Summers Season 2 I missed?  I would like to catch up but missed episodes 4-6.

jliu's picture

If you are a passport member, you can watch Season 2 here:

I am a monthly donor to KCTS 9 and PVRed all the episodes of Season 2 so I could watch them on my Christmas Break.  Something strane happened.  All but one of them disappeared and I have thus, not been able to watch them.  This has never happened before and I have many episodes of other shows recorded.  I would like to know how I may gain access to the entire season. Thank You.

jliu's picture

As new episodes come into Masterpiece (such as Victoria and Sherlock), older episodes get pushed down. You can search for Indian Summer or navigate to the next page to find the episodes. Click here to see the search results for Indian Summer or here for the Masterpiece episode page and navigate to other pages to see all episodes available from Masterpiece.