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I’ll Have What Phil’s Having – Feeding Off One’s Curiosity


I’ll Have What Phil’s Having, PBS’ latest food series, follows Phil Rosenthal (creator of the TV hit series Everybody Loves Raymond) around the world as he learns from the chefs, vendors, culinary leaders and style-setters who are keeping their communities’ traditions alive while still creating new ones. The six-part series finds Rosenthal visiting various restaurants and kitchens in some of the world’s biggest food cities, such as Tokyo, Paris and Italy.

I’ll Have What Phil’s Having premieres Monday, September 28, at 10:00 p.m.

Visit PBS’ I’ll Have What Phil’s Having webpage to find recipes, watch clips, see where Phil is going this season, and more. 


“Eating is the most social activity. If something’s good, I want to share it with you and you.”

Though best known as the creator of the hit CBS comedy show, Everybody Loves Raymond, Phil Rosenthal's career includes many other accomplishments. He is an author, actor, director, and recipient of several prestigious awards, including the Peabody Award and Writers Guild Award. I’ll Have What Phil’s Having takes Rosenthal out of his comfort zone behind the camera and places him front-and-center in some of the world’s major food cities.  



TOKYO “It’s like Manhattan times Los Angeles.”

Follow Phil in his search for the most delicious ramen, the sushi of his dreams and anything else that makes Tokyo a global culinary capital. He serves New York egg creams to his guests and dials down with TV host and comedian David Spector.

Food Fact: Traditionally, it takes up to 10 years to become a sushi itamae chef and to master the various techniques in sushi making.

ITALY “The problem with the world is that it’s not Italy.”

Join Phil as he revisits this food mecca. Sit down with him as he feasts on a home-cooked meal at chef Nancy Silverton’s Umbrian home and indulges his inner caveman, roasting gargantuan steaks over hot flames and serving them up “barbarian style.”

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PARIS “If you like the girl, Paris couldn’t hurt.”

Join Phil in the place he calls the “City of Sweets” as he indulges in some of the finest hot chocolate, football-sized croissants and vanilla bombes, and searches for the best roast chicken and vegetable dishes in the City of Lights.

Food Fact:   The French consume more cheese, per person, than anyone else in the world.

HONG KONG “It’s a city of contrast, the strange and the deliciously familiar.”

Ride along with Phil as he explores this Pacific metropolis and gateway to Asia. He tries hot pot and a classic dish of century-old eggs, and even seeks medical aid in the form of unusual tea.

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BARCELONA “It’s as if you were in an art directed movie of the greatest foods on Earth.”

Venture with Phil to enjoy a world-class breakfast of foie gras and eggs, a tapas crawl and even a vermouth bar. He’s also in for a lesson on all things jamón, Spain’s most prized culinary export.

Food Fact: Spain's capital, Madrid, is home to the world's oldest restaurant —Restaurante Botín— which has been open since 1725. 

LOS ANGELES “I love it here because the world comes to me.”

Tag along as Phil invites his LA friends Martin Short and Allison Janney to his favorite spots around the city, including the city’s oldest farmers’ market. A taco truck crawl and visits to special LA kitchens and bakeries complete the tour.

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