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The Town, a New Three-Part Series

Having spent the last ten years building a new life in London, coming home proves difficult for Mark, played by BAFTA winner Andrew Scott (Sherlock). Scott stars alongside an outstanding ensemble cast including Martin Clunes (Doc Martin), Julia McKenzie (Miss Marple), Charlotte Riley (Wuthering Heights), and many others.

The Town premieres on Sunday, September 6 at 10pm and parts two and three air Sundays September 13 and 20, again at 10pm. Read on for a bit more about the series and fun quotes from the cast.

The Town

The plot, briefly
After ten years, Mark is returning to the town he grew up in. He always had a strained relationship with his parents, Mark's grandmother Betty is now living in his bedroom, and he barely knows his teenage sister Jodie. Intent on leaving again as soon as possible, Mark instead starts to be drawn back into the life he left behind.

Most of Mark's school friends still live in the town but he finds it hard to re-connect. Hardest of all is meeting his first love Alice. They still have strong feelings for each other, but Alice is now settled and married, with a child.

Mark has to decide whether he should move home permanently to look after his family, or leave them and continue as he had before. The place he used to call home now seems small and unfamiliar. And there is something about it all he doesn't trust.

Andrew Scott in The Town

Let's hear from Andrew Scott: Mark
"I was looking to do something a little bit more human. Something closer to myself as a character," explains Andrew Scott. His BAFTA award-winning role as Moriarty in Sherlock introduced the Dublin-born actor to a global audience.

"Playing an arch villain like Moriarty and such a famous literary one was very high stakes. I was anxious to find a project where I could show a little more light and shade. I wouldn’t describe Mark as an everyman but he’s certainly somebody people will recognise."

In his role as Mark, Scott has scenes with co-star Martin Clunes who plays Len, mayor of the town.

"Martin is a really gifted actor. He’s able to do comedy and drama. The Town was a wonderful opportunity for him to show great sadness and pain as well."

Martin Clunes in The Town

Let's hear from Martin Clunes: Len
The Doc Martin star plays Len, mayor of the fictional small town. Clunes shared his insight into the mayoral world:

"In the old days before telly these people were the celebrities who stood out. So they would turn up at openings to lend a bit of curiosity." And as for his character, Len?

"There are many layers to Len and that’s intriguing. You’re presented with one layer of an alcoholic but then you discover there’s more to him. Len has got that old fashioned Rotary Club way of manipulating events that you’d imagine an old fashioned mayor would have.

"I based him on the accumulative experiences I’ve had of real life mayors and of those in literature as well. I regularly encounter mayors for some reason or another, at charitable events and things. I met one last week. I am quite intrigued by them.

"There’s a strength of personality with a mayor. They are elected, so I don’t think a mouse would get the job. I think being a mayor is a power for good. They do make things happen."

Julia McKenzie in The Town

A few words with Julia McKenzie: Betty
"I’m rarely offered modern drama as I’ve got a bit of a bonnets and bustle face," says Julia McKenzie.

"So I jumped at this one when I was offered it," adds the Olivier award-winning actress.

Julia plays Betty, a retired psychotherapist who is grandmother to Mark (Andrew Scott). "I like Betty because she represents a lot of women in their early seventies who are suddenly redundant in life - and not just from work."

"Suddenly they find they’ve reached 70 and people expect them to wear cardigans and skirts and behave like grandmas. Well, Betty doesn’t want to do that. She’s had a very active life, working as a psychotherapist, had a rocky marriage and she’s ready to have her own life."

She was keen to work with co-star Andrew Scott.

"Andrew Scott was one of the reasons I took the job. It’s rare that you’re knocked sideways by a performance. When I saw him do Moriarty in Sherlock I thought, ‘My God, this chap is fantastic. Where’s he been? I’ve got to work with him.’"

Do tune in to watch The Town on Sundays September 6, 13, and 20 at 10pm.

We wish to express our gratitude to ITV for providing interviews with the cast, and of course this excellent programming.


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Well this does look intriguing. I look forward to tuning in.

Terrific acting by my very familiar and favorite actors- Clunes, Scott, and McKenzie. To see their versatility is a real treat. It is an engaging plot and I can't wait for the next 2 episodes. As always KCTS 09 features the best in TV. Thank you

I would like to see The Town but cannot find it ON Demand When will it be added? Thanks

We will not be putting this online since this is a BBC show. It is not currently available on their site either, but it may be added later.

I missed part 1 of The Town. Will it be rerun or available to view online?

Pam, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, we do not have the rights to stream this online. We are planning to re-air this in September, so stay tuned.

I loved the 1st show. I was flipping channels and happened upon This Town and was instantly intrigued. Did his parents really commit suicide? Will he stay w/ his sister? Can this family cope with their grief. I am hooked and can't wait for next Saturday!

Is episode 2 of The Town airing on Saturday, July 18th at 10pm? The scedule on Comcast for this time slot shows "To be announced".

Thanks for your comment and apologies for the late reply. If you have an time-sensitive question or request you can contact viewer services at or call 1.800.443.9991. To get the latest schedule information, you can find our TV schedule here: Thanks.

THE TOWN is excellent viewing - anything from BBC or ITV is a breath of fresh air to watch. I missed the first part of Episode One as, unfortunately, local papers do not write up such dramas as "must see" - and I have to chance upon finding.

This drama is much like Broadchurch in that it focuses on the inhabitants of a small town (in England of course) and their actions and reactions to each other and events. My beef is that my viewing is chance and hit or miss - I do go on line to see the schedule from KCTS most evenings but missed this.

Also the "bunching" of favorites is annoying - spread them out please. For instance Sunday evenings are marathons involving "Last Tango/Halifax" at 8:00 pm, followed by "Poldark" at 9:00 pm; followed immediately by "Poppies" drama at 10:00 pm. Please schedule these dramas on other nights - other times - etc. Thanks


I missed the first episode of "the Town" this time around. Are you going today it again? Frustrating!!

Thank you!