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Teacher Tuesday with KCTS 9: Continuing our Educational Mission

Sesame Street—the industry-pioneering children’s television show many of us grew up with—celebrated 40 years on the air in 2014. Big Bird, Grover, Bert and Ernie and Cookie Monster, and now Elmo, Abbie Cadabbie and Murray the Monster, plus their human friends on the Street, have taught millions of kids—not only about letters and numbers, but also about how to handle emotions, happy and sad, and how to get along with others.

A new half-hour version of the program recently debuted, making entire episodes available online for the first time, joining the new and nostalgic short videos that have been streamed millions of times online. Mister Rogers, another familiar figure in our history, planned for the next generation too—he was one of the first children’s television producers to go online to ensure kids would have safe learning spaces on the internet as well as on the air.

Fred Rogers was a prescient guy. Not only are kids online at home, but school technology has changed too. Gone are the days of teachers winding film strips into cannisters or wheeling TV/VCRs on huge carts into the classroom—but KCTS 9 content remains a crucial teaching tool in classrooms around the Northwest. Now, PBS Learning Media provides free access to thousands of resources online, from Mister Roger’s Neighborhood videos, to NOVA episodes about the origins of the universe, to programs like Henry Louis Gates Jr’s African American Lives. PBS Learning Media is free for teachers (and parents) who want to access the best in educational media for their young learners. Plus, local stations like KCTS 9 can add educational materials—videos, curricula, study guides and more—to PBS Learning Media. Not only can local teachers access materials specifically relevant to our region, but our content can be easily accessed nationally for use in classrooms from Neah Bay to New Jersey.

In celebration of this amazing content, we’ll be sharing samples on Facebook and Twitter every week on (you guessed it) Tuesday with the tag #TeacherTuesday. Whether you’re a teacher, a parent, an enrolled student or a life-long learner ready to check out something new, we hope you’ll enjoy the content. Share it with someone who’d like to know about PBS Learning Media, or dark matter, or the origins of holidays in 60 seconds -- you know who they are!

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