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The Savory 6 with Scott Carnz

Welcome to The Savory 6 – a weekly column featuring six weekly questions for one of the guests on our show. Check, Please! Northwest is all about dining out, but that’s not the only thing that happens at the table. When you put three strangers together and encourage banter, anything can happen! It’s a happy byproduct of the show and it’s one of my favorite parts – getting to know all of these food-loving folks. In this weekly article, we get to dig a little deeper into one of our guest’s culinary quirks and preferences.

This week, I chose the fabulously dressed and enthusiastic guest, Scott Carnz. Scott is the Dean of Academic Affairs at The Art Institute of Seattle and had the good hair to prove it – he was more pulled together than me! Because he has such impeccable taste all around, we asked him our Savory 6 this week. Meet Scott Carnz………..

How often do you dine out?
If you count lunches, probably 8-10 times per week.

Fill in the blank: If I see FOIE GRAS on a menu, I HAVE to order it.

What is your signature dish - something you make well and consistently?
My friends constantly ask me to make my 5-cheese mac-and-cheese with bacon crust.

Do you have a morning consumption ritual & what is it?
I have a glass of water first thing and then I have a fruit and almond milk smoothie into which I blend hemp protein and flax meal and enjoy with a cup of red rooibos with stevia.

Most awesome OR annoying food trend?
I think it fits into both categories, but I’m still really into molecular gastronomy.

If you were stuck on a deserted island and only had ONE food with you, what would it be?
If bourbon counted as food it would be that, but for real food stuff it would have to be bacon! [Amy says, “bourbon counts!”]

Amy Pennington is the host of Check, Please! Northwest and a well-known ingredient in Seattle’s food and restaurant scene. She’s also the author of Urban Pantry, Apartment Gardening and Apples: From Harvest to Table, and the e-book series Fresh Pantry. Read more of Amy’s work at and connect on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.