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The Savory 6 with Ira Sacharoff

Welcome to The Savory 6 – a weekly column featuring six weekly questions for one of the guests on our show. Check, Please! Northwest is all about dining out, but that’s not the only thing that happens at the table. When you put three strangers together and encourage banter, anything can happen! It’s a happy byproduct of the show and it’s one of my favorite parts – getting to know all of these food-loving folks. In this weekly article, we get to dig a little deeper into one of our guest’s culinary quirks and preferences. Real estate broker Ira Sacharoff nominated St. Dames, a vegetarian joint in Columbia City (though he’s not a vegetarian!). Ira talks tater tots, taquitos and tofu on this week’s episode. Tune in tonight (7/10) at 7:30 pm on KCTS 9. Watch Ira’s restaurant pick online now. Meet Ira Sacharoff… How often do you dine out? I dine out 2-3 times per week. It ranges from happy hour to real meal to quick taco from a taco truck. Fill in the blank: If I see something with _________ on a menu, I HAVE to order it. If I see something with pistachio gelato on the menu, I'll order it. Pistachio gelato is the best thing on the planet. What is your signature dish—something you make well and consistently? My signature dishes are white bean chili, and crabmeat mac and cheese. Do you have a morning consumption ritual & what is it? The morning consumption ritual is quickly slamming down two double cappuccinos prior to eating anything. I don't drink any more coffee after that during the day. Most awesome OR annoying food trend? Most annoying food trend is gluten free. I have tremendous sympathy for folks with celiac disease and I'm happy they have options, but most people eating gluten free do so because it's trendy, and they have some vague notion that it's healthier. It mostly tastes like cardboard. Most awesome food trend is going local. Locally grown or locally produced means you'll usually get a fresher product. If you were stuck on a deserted island and only had ONE food with you, what would it be? If I were stuck on a desert island with only one food, and an oven, I'd want it to be pizza. But it would have to be good pizza. They can't rescue me from the deserted island, but they can deliver good wood fired pizza, right? Amy Pennington is the host of Check, Please! Northwest and a well-known ingredient in Seattle’s food and restaurant scene. She’s also the author of Urban Pantry, Apartment Gardening and Apples: From Harvest to Table, and the e-book series Fresh Pantry. Read more of Amy’s work at and connect on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.