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Opposites Attract: 10 PBS Pairings We Love

If there is one universal lesson PBS has taught us, it’s that friendships come in all forms. You don’t always need to see eye to eye, come from the same background or even speak the same language to form a special bond. Whether you’re co-workers, roommates or spouses, at the core of every relationship is an everlasting friendship. In honor of Friendship Day, here are our top 10 friend picks.

Arthur Reed and Buster Baxter–Arthur

Arthur and Buster may be different animals (who knew aardvarks and rabbits could make the best of friends?), but their friendship is one built on similar interests; from Bionic Bunny marathons, to adventures around their hometown of Elwood City, nothing - not even Buster’s travels  - can keep this dynamic duo apart. 

Sherlock Holmes and John Watson–Sherlock

While some simply categorize the partnership of Holmes and Watson as a friendship, others have called their relationship a strong case of bromance. However you may label their alliance, one thing is certain - this iconic pairing has brought crime solving to another level, due largely to their contradictory yet compatible friendship.

Bert and Ernie–Sesame Street

If there is one pair of friends that proves opposites attract, it’s Bert and Ernie. Practical-joker Ernie and serious Bert couldn’t be more opposite, yet their contrasting characters are what make them the best of friends.

Trixie, Chummy, Cynthia and Jenny–Call The Midwife

These four nurses come from diverse backgrounds and have very different personalities, yet they all support each other, show compassion during trying circumstances, and have fun laughing and sharing experiences as they bring new life into the world.

Big Bird and Snuffleupagus- Sesame Street

In the beginning, Big Bird and Snuffleupagus (“Snuffy”) formed a friendship that many couldn’t believe…literally. Once believed to be Big Bird’s imaginary friend, Snuffy was unseen by the rest of Sesame Street for many years. Of course there is nothing imaginary about their friendship as their connection has brought, and continues to bring, laughter and warmth into our homes.

Peg and Cat–Peg + Cat

Peg + Cat save each other’s tails! When faced with a big problem, Cat inspires Peg to realize a solution. When Peg totally freaks out, Cat helps calm her down. Whatever the adventure, the lively duo sticks together until the problem is solved.

Agnes Towler and Henri Leclair–Mr. Selfridge

Henri Leclair and Agnes Towler may have come from different places but their passion for creating amazing displays at Mr. Selfridge’s London department store created a lasting bond. What began as a mentorship evolved into a friendship and later into a deep love that continues to be tested.

Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes–Downton Abbey

When they aren’t watching over the Crawleys or keeping the staff busy, you can find them sharing quiet moments, exchanging memories and secretly keeping an eye on each other. They have their differences- Mrs. Hughes embraces modernity while Carson clings to tradition- but their friendship has always been at the core of life downstairs.

Oscar the Grouch and Slimey the Worm–Sesame Street

Oscar’s reputation as the grouch of Sesame Street might make it seem as if the garbage-loving Muppet doesn’t have any friends. Yet, Oscar’s friendship with his pet Slimey is a testament that even the grouchiest individuals have a tender side.

Freddie Thornhill and Stuart Bixby–Vicious

Partners Freddie and Stuart, who have lived together for nearly 50 years, are constantly picking each other apart and holding grudges for years, yet they are so in sync that their constant bickering is almost like a dance. Underneath the fighting, we catch glimpses of their deep love for each other.