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New Season of POV: Episode Lineup + Previews

The critically acclaimed PBS documentary series, POV, returns. This summer viewers will be introduced to even more provocative, compelling and moving documentaries that are unlike anything else on television. Season 28 premieres with Out in the Night on Monday, June 22, at 10pm.

Explore some of POV's summer lineup:

Out in the Night
Monday, June 22, 10pm
In 2006, under the neon lights of a gay-friendly neighborhood in New York City, a group of African-American lesbians were violently threatened by a man on the street. The women fought back and were later charged with gang assault and attempted murder. The film examines the sensational case and the women’s uphill battle, revealing the role that race, gender identity and sexuality play in our criminal justice system.

The Overnighters
Monday, June 29, 10pm
Chasing the American dream, thousands of workers flock to a North Dakota town where the oil business is booming. But instead of well-paying jobs, many find slim work prospects and a severe housing shortage. Pastor Jay Reinke converts his church into a makeshift dorm and counseling center, allowing hundreds of men, some with checkered pasts, to stay despite the congregation’s objections and neighbors’ fears. 

Tough Love
Monday, July 6, 10pm
What makes a good parent? How do you prove you are responsible after you’ve been deemed unfit? Having lost custody of their children to Child Protective Services, two parents — one in New York City and one in Seattle — fight to win back the trust of the courts and reunite their families. 

Web Junkie
Monday, July 13, 10pm
Internet addiction has been declared a national health crisis in China, the first country in the world to classify this evolving diagnosis. The film follows the treatment of three Chinese teenagers, obsessive gamers whose preference for the virtual world over the real one is summed up in one jarring statement: “Reality is too fake.” 

Return to Homs
Monday, July 20, 10pm
War changes people, including 19-year-old Basset Saroot, who went from star goalkeeper for the Syrian national soccer team to peaceful advocate for Arab Spring reforms to armed insurgent. The film focuses on Basset and his ragtag group’s transformation and struggles, is a heart-stopping, often wrenching study of the brutal war President Bashar al-Assad’s regime has waged against the Syrian people—a war fought mostly out of camera range that has produced epic heroism and tragedy. 

Tea Time
Monday, July 27, 10pm
Ritual is often associated with powerful and impersonal institutions, but for five Chilean women, ritual centers on a monthly gathering that has sustained them through 60 years of personal and societal change. This film is a charming and poignant look at how a seemingly mundane routine of tea and pastries has helped the well-heeled participants commemorate life’s joys and cope with infidelity, illness and death. 

Coming Soon…
Beats of Antonov
Point and Shoot
The Storm Makers
Cuties and the Boxer
Don’t Tell Anyone 
Art and Craft
Ai Weiwei: The Fake Case

Preview of the new season:


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I remember seeing a POV documentary that aired years ago in Southern California on PBS stations. The program focused on sex offenders in Atascadero whose crimes were aimed at gay men and included several murderers of gays.Is there any possibility that it could be aired in the forseeable future? Thanks for your attention.

its been so long that this series is being aired, but i never really got the time to watch it from the scratch, but this month i am planing to get through it, hope i wont be disappointed!

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We hope you can catch the new season, Tom. It is a wonderful lineup! -- KCTS 9