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New British Programming in June

UPDATE: Our Sunday night schedule now includes detective drama Scott & Bailey at 11pm, and our Saturday nights now include Moone Boy at 10:30pm. We have updated the following accordingly... An abundance of British programming from across the Commonwealth begins in June, 2015 on KCTS 9. Some premiere episodes, like Vera on June 11, begin new seasons for familiar favourites while others, like Poldark on June 21, introduce exciting new shows. Below is a brief listing of the titles, dates, and related details.


Vera premieres on Thursday, June 11, at 9pm

Based on the novels by best-selling author Ann Cleeves, Vera stars Academy Award-nominee Brenda Blethyn as the brilliant Chief Inspector Vera Stanhope, alongside Kenny Doughty as DS Aiden Healy.

The fifth season premiere of this classic crime drama will air on Thursday, June 11, at 9pm.

The Forsyte Saga

The Forsyte Saga premieres on Saturday, June 13, at 11pm

This dramatic 2002 miniseries chronicles three generations of the Forsytes, an upper middle-class family in Victorian and Edwardian England. Damian Lewis, Gina McKee and Ioan Gruffudd star, with Rupert Graves, Amanda Root and Corin Redgrave.

Our encore presentation of The Forsyte Saga premieres on Saturday, June 13, at 11pm.

The Jewel in the Crown

The Jewel in the Crown premieres on Saturday, June 20, at 7pm

Adapted for television in 1984 from the four novels by Paul Scott, "The Raj Quartet," this stunning series is set in northern India in the last uneasy years of British rule, when rioting and violence heralded the granting of independence.

It is the story of the men and women of both ruling and ruled classes trying, amidst the turmoil, to come to terms with the drastic changes taking place around them. Their lives will never be the same again.

The Jewel in the Crown has won 23 major awards including a Primetime Emmy in the USA and five awards (including Best Drama Serial) from the British academy of Film and Television Arts. In an encore presentation on KCTS 9, it premieres on Saturday, June 20, at 7pm.


Poldark premieres on Sunday, June 21, at 9pm

Almost 40 years ago Captain Ross Poldark galloped across the TV screens of millions 
of PBS viewers, vexing villains and winning female hearts in one of MASTERPIECE’s earliest hit series, Poldark. Now the gallant captain rides again, allowing a new generation to delight in the exploits of an unconventional romantic hero.

Aidan Turner (The Hobbit) stars as Ross Poldark, a redcoat who returns to Cornwall after the American Revolutionary War to discover that his father is dead, his lands are ruined, and his true love is about to marry his first cousin. Also starring is Eleanor Tomlinson (Death Comes to Pemberley) as the fiery servant Demelza, a strong-willed miner’s daughter who runs away from home and finds refuge in Poldark’s enlightened household. In a special appearance, Robin Ellis, who starred as Ross Poldark in MASTERPIECE’s original adaptation, plays Reverend Halse, the village’s sin-obsessed parson.

Poldark will premiere on Sunday, June 21, at 9pm.

The Crimson Field

The Crimson Field premieres on Sunday, June 21, at 10pm

Follow Kitty, Flora, and Rosalie, volunteer nurses who work in a tented field hospital. As they settle into their first day, it soon becomes clear that no training could ever have prepared them for the reality of working near the front line.

The Crimson Field premieres on Sunday, June 21, at 10pm.

Scott & Bailey

Scott & Bailey premieres on Sunday, June 21, at 11pm

This thrilling investigative drama explores the personal and professional lives of two female detectives, from award-winning writer Sally Wainwright. Detective Constable Rachel Bailey is 30, down-to-earth, noisy, argumentative, and single. Her partner, Detective Constable Janet Scott, is 40, a diplomat and a thinker, as well as a wife and mother.

Season 1 of Scott & Bailey premieres on Sunday, June 21, at 11pm.

The Doctor Blake Mysteries

The Doctor Blake Mysteries premieres on Friday, June 26, at 9pm

It's 1959, and the maverick Dr. Lucien Blake has returned to take over his deceased father's medical practice, also undertaking his role as police surgeon with precision and gusto.

We welcome this popular Australian mystery series with a premiere on Friday, June 26, at 9pm.

Moone Boy

Moone Boy premieres on Saturday, June 27, at 10:30pm

It's a warm family comedy series about a young boy growing up in a chaotic and creative household in late 1980s Ireland. Moone Boy is a semi-autobiographical series written by and starring Chris O’Dowd as the imaginary friend of 11-year-old Martin, the youngest child in the large, loud Moone family.

Season One of Moone Boy premieres on Saturday, June 27, at 10:30pm.

Last Tango in Halifax

Last Tango in Halifax premieres on Sunday, June 28, at 8pm

In this third series premiere, see how an unexpected visitor forces Alan to think about his past, making Gillian and Caroline anxious. His decision to keep his secret from Celia is bound to backfire. Meanwhile, Caroline and pregnant Kate set a date for their wedding.

The third season of Last Tango in Halifax premieres on Sunday, June 28, at 8pm.


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Thank you a million times over for all the Masterpiece repeats that you show. Wonderful to enjoy them over and Foyle, Vera, Miss Fisher, Father Brown, Poirot...need I go on.

Hi, I really appreciate having the list of British programs starting in June.
I thought it would be a great idea to print it out so I could make sure I have the pvr ready to catch any I might miss. However I did not want to waste ink on photos but I was able to cut and paste the infomration...but a printable version would be nice.

Thanks for bringing us such great TV. Your are the only channel I watch apart from Knowledge Network and the CBC.

Dot Roberts

A show called Mr. Sloane is listed in Primetime for 11pm on 6/21 but it doesn't appear on the schedule offered by Comcast. Is it really being offered?

Thanks for your question. I'm sorry to let you know that Mr. Sloane is not going to be aired on KCTS 9 due to a rights issue. For the most up-to-date schedule information, you can check our <a href="">TV Schedule</a></p>

As I am married to an Englishman, I have come to appreciate the good British programs, and thank KCTS for bringing them to us. As soon as your magazine arrives, we both go through it and mark or circle the programs to watch/tape, so we can plan our viewing month! We do miss the Fr. Brown series, but don't know if you have the rights to all of them, or we have missed some.

Keep up the great work in bringing good drama and British programs to North America.

We are glad to hear that you enjoy the programs as much as we do. And you may be glad to hear that Father Brown, Season 3 will be returning to KCTS 9 on July 3. For more schedule information, you can check our <a href="">Tea Time Schedule</a></p>

We loved the British series called, "Goodnight, Sweetheart." Is it possible for PBS to show it? Reviews give it 5 stars and we agree!

Love all the series that KCTS airs, especially the mystery shows.

Saw PD James Unsuitable Job for a Woman on tape the other day. That's a show worth showing again.

Thanks for the info above that Mr. Sloane is not going to be aired. I too was looking for it, thinking that perhaps it had been rescheduled. Searching the schedule produced no results. I find it odd that when a show has been listed on the printed schedule I receive and is subsequently cancelled, there is no notice of such included in the online schedule. As has happened before, I spend time searching and thinking what am I doing wrong.

Thanks very much for airing The Crimson Field. I'm really enjoying this World War I dramatic series with its compelling story lines, wonderful acting, and interesting period detail. I think this series hasn't received the attention and accolades it deserves, and I hope the BBC will consider renewing it for additional seasons.

We recently received your Fall program schedule and we don't see any September listings for Vera or Dr. Blake's Murder Mysteries. We've grown attached to watching these great shows, when can we expect them back in your programming schedule? Also any plans to air Death in Paradise? We love that program as well. Your British and Australian mystery shows are some of our favorites, please keep them coming!