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The Magic of Selfridges: Get Ready for Mr. Selfridge Season 3

Fans of Mr. Selfridge, get ready! Season 3 of this popular MASTERPIECE show premieres Sunday, March 29 at 9:05pm. Guest blogger Amie Simon gives us a rundown on what’s happened inside the walls of Selfridges so far, and what our beloved Master Showman Harry may be up against this season.

Note: This post contains spoilers, both for past seasons and the upcoming one! Proceed with caution…

Who’s ready to see Jeremy Piven don a suit and tie (and a handsome mustache) once again as the charming Harry Selfridge? I am! In case you need a reminder of what Harry, his family, and the staff of his magical department store have been through, here’s a brief recap of the past two seasons.

Season 1: An introduction to Selfridges
Season 1: An introduction to SelfridgesIn season one, American businessman Harry Selfridge arrived in London with one goal in mind: to build the biggest and finest department store in the world! He succeeded, but not without some obstacles—some caused by staff drama, and some caused by Harry’s wandering eye.

The heartbreaking realization of Mr. Selfridge’s latest affair, an outburst by Agnes Towler’s abusive father, the suicide of recently fired Miss Bunting, the departure of Harry’s right-hand man, Henri, and the complicated relationship between Mr. Grove and Miss Mardle all threatened to topple the store from the inside, but somehow Harry managed to smooth everything over and save Selfridges… for the most part.

After attracting customers with flashy stunts like having French aviator Louis Blériot park his airplane inside the store and a book signing by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Selfridges is almost ruined by a scandal! Harry’s jilted lover Ellen Love and writer Frank Edwards exposed the family’s secrets in a satirical play, which caused Rose Selfridge to flee back to America in order to avoid the shame of public humiliation.

Season 2: Happy reunions and heartbreaking secrets
Season 2: Happy reunions and heartbreaking secretsSkipping ahead to the 5th anniversary of Selfridges, season two saw the return of a stronger, more independent Rose Selfridge as well as a much more mature, career-driven Agnes Towler—and the reappearance of a disheveled and struggling Henri LeClair.

A new character, the mysterious and fascinating Delphine Day, arrived on the scene by initially befriending Rose and encouraging her to explore her freedom. Delphine ultimately betrayed Rose, both by luring Harry into a dangerous spy mission and by attempting to seduce him!

Turmoil continued to swirl within the walls of Selfridges, too: many young men departed to fight in the war, which meant having women replace them in the loading bay, the arrest of Henri LeClair for spy activity, and Lord Loxley’s revenge on Harry via a planted newspaper story—and finally, our sweet Rose being diagnosed with a fatal disease.

Season 3: A guide to characters old and new
Knowing the Selfridges had to deal with Rose’s crushing news, it looks like Harry and his family will have some dark times ahead. Not to mention the fallout from the war affecting many characters. Below is a guide to who we’ll see orbiting London’s famous department store this time around.

Harry Selfridge
The head of Selfridges has been through the ringer already, suffering through a gambling addiction and a drinking problem, almost losing his family because of his infidelities, and constantly adapting to changing staff and business challenges to keep his store afloat. With the new season jumping ahead a few years, Harry will have to face his biggest challenge yet: losing Rose.

Rosalie Selfridge
Last seen benefitting greatly from Lady Mae’s help with introducing her into society, Harry’s eldest daughter is now poised to marry a Russian prince! Sounds like a fairy tale, right? Except for the fact that her husband is a handsome, charming playboy who likes to entertain the ladies. Sound familiar?

Violette Selfridge
Young Violette has grown up with all the benefits of her father’s fame and money, which has frankly left her a bit spoiled. Bored and determined to grab the spotlight at all times, she’s insistent that dad find a place for her at Selfridges. Sounds like a recipe for serious trouble to me!

Gordon Selfridge
Harry’s son Gordon is all grown up with his own mustache! Instead of stirring up trouble with the worker’s union, this enterprising young man has earned a spot on Selfridges' board, and seems to have settled into more of a yes-man role with his father, less that of a rebel.

Lord Loxley
The villainous Lord Loxley has returned, plotting his revenge on Harry for causing his wife to leave him, besmirching his name, and causing him to lose a lucrative business deal. Watch out, Harry! {Writer’s note: we unfortunately won’t be seeing any of the sublime Lady Mae this season, as actress Katherine Kelly was on maternity leave during filming—here’s hoping for her return in season four!}

Henri LeClair
Recently returned from the war, Henri is reunited with Aggie and the two join their hands in marriage, preparing to work together blissfully as husband and wife. Unfortunately their happiness may be short-lived, as Henri’s memories of combat—and his unwillingness to talk to Agnes about them—may destroy their relationship.

Agnes Towler
Now that her agonizing love triangle has been sorted out, Aggie can focus on the two things she loves most: her career as Selfridges’ Head of Displays, and building a life with her handsome French husband, Henri. Aggie’s newfound happiness will be tested this season, as she deals with job challenges as well as a threat to her marriage.

George Towler
Agnes’ younger brother leaves the turmoil of Selfridges loading dock this season to work for her heartbroken ex-fiancé, Victor at his new nightclub, Colleanos. Exciting! But will the way Victor conducts business dull the shininess of his new position? Or will George be corrupted by Victor’s flashy new lifestyle?

Victor Colleano
Moving on from The Palm Room, Victor is recovering from being jilted by Aggie by throwing himself whole-heartedly into running a swanky nightclub and also into the arms of his bartender, Miss Simmons. Looks like his business style is leaning less towards entrepreneur and more toward gangster, though. Uh oh!

Miss Mardle
Poor Miss Mardle! She may still be enjoying her large inheritance, but her battered heart ends up even more battered this season when her younger lover Florian doesn’t make it back from the war. Does this mean she’ll return to pining after the married (with children—many, many children) Mr. Grove? I hope not.

Mr. Grove
The stressed-out Chief-of-Staff is still dealing with his decision to choose marrying the very fertile Doris over Miss Mardle, and continues to struggle with maintaining order both at home and at the store. Watch for him to beg Mardle to return to her job to make his work life easier. But could there be another reason?

Mr. Crabb
Selfridge’s steady Chief Accountant is finding his job even tougher than usual: to re-focus Harry’s monetary pursuits away from planes and other fanciful ideas, and back to the store he built. Will his pursuit of profit for the investors sabotage his close friendship with the boss?

Kitty Edwards (Hawkins)
After years of pursuing him, the fashionable young head of Selfridges’ beauty department has finally landed her man! Now Mrs. Frank Edwards, Kitty will have an even larger role this season that will involve some tragic circumstances.

Connie Hawkins
Kitty’s little sister is headstrong and ready to land her own man while working at Selfridges in the fashion department—that is, if Kitty doesn’t kill her first, for being underfoot while she’s trying to keep her husband happy.

Lois Selfridge
Losing her daughter-in-law has taken a toll on the family’s matriarch, but Lois has found a new purpose: focusing on her granddaughters, and making sure their every happiness is granted—even if that involves exposing some secrets.

Serge de Bolotoff
Rosalie has netted a handsome prince who’s also a star aviator determined to rope Harry into building an airfield with commercial planes! Serge’s ambition seems to match Mr. Selfridge's, but is he a little bit too much like Harry in other ways?

Marie de Bolotoff
Princess Marie arrives on the scene as Rosalie’s new mother-in-law, a larger-than-life personality who’s hiding a bit of scandal behind her title, which puts her head-to-head against Rosalie’s grandmother.

Nancy Webb
A new love interest for Mr. Selfridge? Miss Webb forces her way into Harry’s office to demand he let her bid on property in order to build low-income housing. She reminds him so much of his Rose that he’s determined to help her, but that’s not as easy as it sounds.

Other characters you’ll see this season include the despicable Mr. Thackeray (briefly, we hope), the intriguing and beautiful Miss Simmons, a corrupt police inspector, the overwhelmed Mrs. Grove… and we can’t wait to see who else pops up!

Ready for more? Go behind the scenes of this intriguing show and get a sneak peek at season 3 with Mr. Selfridge: A Celebration, airing on KCTS 9 Sunday, March 22 at 4:30pm.

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thank you for 1st class tv

Awesome work guys. really deserve a big round of applause. hats off.

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I am looking forward to the new season of Mr. Selfridge. Will we be able to view the episodes online? Thank you for quality programs!

Thank you for your question. Yes, you will be able to watch the new season online. In the meantime, you can watch Season 2 of Mr. Selfridge online before the season 3 premiere:

Love the program. Can anyone tell me if the characters' names are based on the real people originally employed by the store. I'm interested as my maiden name is Towler (the name being rather rare) with antecedents coming from the Yorkshire area of Great Britain....Anyone?


Can anybody tell me what happened to Nancy Webb here live after she had to leave Selfridge? What was here life than?