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A Huge Win for Regional Journalism

Here at KCTS 9, we were delighted to announce last week that we are bringing, a nonprofit daily news provider, into our organization. KCTS 9 has also acquired What’s Good 206, an emerging local website that presents a millennial perspective on issues close to home. This exciting merger is part of a strategy to redefine ourselves and to broaden our impact though broadcast, digital and mobile media platforms as a means to serve more people. Both Crosscut and What’s Good 206 are steps in that strategy, bringing both seasoned and up-and-coming digital journalists into our organization.

Since its founding eight years ago, Crosscut has distinguished itself with superb, civic-minded reporting on Northwest politics, social issues, arts and culture, and more. This new partnership will help KCTS 9 fulfill our commitment to expand regional coverage and support substantive local journalism in our community.

What’s Good 206 focuses on inspiring and informative content that connects with audiences ages 18-34. Since 2012, it has been led by Austin Williams, a recent University of Washington graduate.

“This combination ensures that our community maintains these robust news sources,” said Robert I. Dunlop, President and CEO of KCTS 9. “KCTS 9, Crosscut and What’s Good 206 will continue to produce original, compelling stories about the local and regional issues and ideas that matter most to our audiences.”

“This is a huge win for everyone,” said Crosscut Editor-in-Chief Greg Hanscom. “The combination gives Crosscut the organizational support to do more powerful, multimedia storytelling. KCTS 9 gets the benefit of eight years of entrepreneurship and award-winning online journalism at Crosscut, and the community gets sustainable local and regional news.”

Audiences will continue to find KCTS 9, Crosscut and What’s Good 206 online and on air, with each maintaining its individual and distinct presence and independent voice. Of course, KCTS 9 will continue to be a PBS member station, showcasing the highest caliber educational and entertainment content available on television today.

All staff at KCTS 9, Crosscut, and What's Good 206 will maintain positions in the combined organization. By sharing resources with KCTS 9, Crosscut will be able to produce more multimedia content for its audience. Meanwhile, both the KCTS 9 and the Crosscut staff will serve as experienced mentors for the up-and-coming journalists at What’s Good 206. Starting in January, the staff of all three organizations will be located together at the current KCTS 9 main studio in Seattle.

What's the buzz so far? See some recent tweets from the community below!