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Get Your Cozies Ready for Fall Tea Time (Pinboard)

We’re readying our finest teapots in anticipation of our fall Tea Time line-up! Our posh block of British programming airs every weekday from 3pm-5pm—the perfect time to enjoy a cuppa hot Earl Grey and tasty biscuits while you revel in hours of sophisticated entertainment. 

Fall Tea Time on KCTS 9 kicked off Monday, 9/29 at 3pm with Masterpiece Classic: The Paradise Part 1, and is followed by complete series presentations  from Masterpiece, including a visit back to the first season of Downton Abbey, all new seasons of Upstairs Downstairs, and murder a la Jane Austen in Death Comes to Pemberley

To prepare for this feast of fine British drama, we’ve launched a new Tea Time Pinboard! Help us create a table setting fit for The Dowager by sharing your tea time essentials with us (we’re a little worried that Violet won’t RSVP yes if we don’t have every little detail just right). 

Think of everything you might need for the most relaxing tea time ever, including dreamy countryside settings, luxurious settees, soothing leaf blends, gorgeous china patterns, and the best recipes for tempting cakes and scones. 

We can’t wait to sit down with you! Won’t you join us? 

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October Tea Time Schedule 
Masterpiece Classic: The Paradise
Season 1:
Monday, 9/29 - Thursday, 10/2 at 3pm & 4pm

Season 2:
Fridays, 9/30 - 10/31, at 4pm

Masterpiece Classic: Upstairs Downstairs
Season 1:
Monday, 10/6 at 3pm & 4pm
Tuesday, 10/7 at 3pm

Season 2:
Tuesday, 10/7 at 4pm
Wednesday, 10/8 - Thursday, 10/9 at 3pm & 4pm
Friday, 10/10 at 3pm

Masterpiece Classic: Downton Abbey
Season 1:
Monday, 10/13 - Thursday, 10/16 at 3pm

Masterpiece Classic: Death Comes to Pemberley
Part 1:
Thursday, 10/30 at 3pm

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