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Get Ready for David Suchet's Final Five Hercule Poirot Episodes (Pinboard)

David Suchet has portrayed Hercule Poirot, Agatha Christie's Belgian (not French!) detective, for 12 seasons since 1989, when he first donned the famous mustache at the request of Christie's family. With five final episodes, Suchet completes the oeuvre.

To help prolong the inevitable end, we've compiled a Pinboard of favorite links to help you celebrate the return of those precious "little grey cells" to the screen for the last time. You might read a missing Christie mystery, host a fete Belgique with flag, frites and waffles, bake mustache-shaped biscuits, or marvel at fan art.

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Of the five remaining Poirot puzzles, the first two will appear this summer on Masterpiece Mystery!.

The Big Four premieres Sunday, July 27, at 9pm

Dead Man's Folly premieres Sunday, August 3, at 9pm

Learn more about the series.

KCTS 9 has purchased the remaining three episodes for broadcast this fall. Subscribe to Tea Times to keep apprised of air dates for this and all your British favorites.


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Love David Suchet in this role. Am so delighted Masterpiece Mystery is broadcasting these five remaining episodes. Bravo!

I love Poirot and will miss the series.