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Friday Night Mysteries: Two crime series to enjoy this fall

Fall has officially hit Seattle! That means crisp colored leaves, boots and scarves, and inevitably, lots of rain—not that we mind. It’s really the perfect excuse to curl up on the couch Friday nights with a cup of tea and some exciting Friday night mysteries!

Starting Friday, September 26, KCTS 9 is airing episodes of Father Brown and DCI Banks back-to-back starting at 8pm. These two sleuths may come from different worlds, but their end goal is the same. Both men are dedicated to relentlessly pursuing the truth until the crime is solved and justice is served.


The charming world of Father Brown
Mark Williams stars as GK Chesterton’s popular character Father Brown: a Catholic priest with an uncanny talent for solving peculiar crimes. This current television adaptation is set in the charming 1950s and a quaint English countryside town that’s not as quiet as you’d expect.

Rather than use deduction as a primary means of solving a mystery, Father Brown relies on spiritual intuition gained by years of hearing parishioner confessions. These confessions have given Brown great insight into the criminal mind; he believes he can recognize evil, stop future crimes and save souls, all at the same time.

Father Brown’s first case begins with a graveyard mystery called “The Hammer of God” … where the killer uses a hammer to dispatch the dishonorable brother of Brown’s friend Reverend Bohun. The likely suspect appears to be the local blacksmith, whose wife was having an affair with the victim. But when questioned, the wife is the one who confesses to the crime! Father Brown must use his intuition to seek out the truth and save the innocent woman’s soul before it’s too late.


The modern world of DCI Banks
This explosive modern crime drama is based on Peter Robinson's novels, and stars Stephen Tomkinson as the hot-headed Detective Chief Inspector Alan Banks. Set in modern-day Eastvale (a fictional British town located near Yorkshire), DCI Banks works for the Eastvale Police in the Major Crimes Squad unit.

Banks relies on practical methods of deduction and uses charm—and oftentimes brute force—to dig out the information he needs to solve the crime. This gruff Detective also has a problematic personal life: the drama that surrounds a past affair with coworker DS Annie Cabot sometimes gets in the way of him focusing on the hunt for suspects.

DCI Banks kicks off with its premiere episode “Aftermath,” in which an officer responding to a domestic disturbance call ends up in a struggle that leaves the officer killed, and the killer in a coma. As Banks investigates the scene, he finds evidence that the man in the coma was a serial rapist and murderer—and his last intended victim may still be alive. Banks must juggle trying to appease Detective Sergeant Annie Cabot—who’s running a tandem investigation into what caused the coma—with convincing the killer’s wife to cooperate. Sounds complicated!

Watch a trailer for DCI Banks on YouTube.

Mark Williams as Father Brown in Father Brown. Chesterton, GK; Flowerday, Rachel; Guner, Tashin. Meyrick, Ceri (Producer) & Barber, Ian (Director). 2013. UK: BBC Productions. 

Stephen Tompkinson as Detective Chief Inspector Alan Banks in DCI Banks. Robinson, Peter; Murphey, Robert. Hopkinson, Francis (Producer) & Hawes, James (Director). 2010. UK: Left Bank Pictures, Independent Television (ITV).


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I'm a little confused. I thought in close was suppose to be this Thursday September 25th but mystery was on and from the email I just received there will. E a new mystery this Friday September 26th? Hope so.

M April

Hi Melinda - IN Close premiered on Thursday 9/25 at 7pm, and will continue Thursdays at 7pm. The episodes repeat Saturdays at 6:30pm and you can watch online at Hope you enjoyed the mysteries too!


I notices DCI Banks this season are all reruns
Any new episodes in the que for this year.


Hi there - we're hoping to acquire new episodes to air in 2015!

Waiting anxiously for Series 3 of DCI Banks, loved the pilot and the first series and can't wait to see more.

Enjoying crime series is what I love most. I am free in this fall so this is just perfect for me. thanks a lot.

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I strongly object to the Father Brown series. Aside from their artistic and entertainment merits, which are meager, the episodes display an ironic bigotry. The early episodes were slyly anti-Catholic but “The Bride of Christ” was blatantly and viciously so.

Was it the Father Brown episode shown on the 10th that had a homosexual father who was being forced to take treatment by his wife following the birth of their baby? If so, I just believe that that is an outdated idea.
Please reply.

Really, you are going to show season 1 again of DCI Banks? Isn't there any episodes from season 3 available? We keep hoping.