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Call the Midwife: Best Moments + Pinboard

Season 4 of Call the Midwife premieres on KCTS 9 Sunday, March 29 at 8pm! In honour of the new season, we wanted to revisit some of our favourite moments from season 3. Guest blogger Amie Simon picked a few standouts to showcase. Spoiler reminder: if you’re not caught up yet, some of these moments will be surprises. 

Is everyone ready to go back to Nonnatus House for a new season? In anticipation of this Sunday’s premiere, I revisited last season and picked out a few of my favourite happy memories. I’m sure we’ll be in for a lot more of both as Trixie, Patsy, Chummy, Cynthia, Shelagh (and hopefully, Jenny!) continue their lives in the East End.  

A royal visit
Our beloved Chummy started out her new married life by attempting to fix low attendance at the biweekly health clinic, by channeling some of her unemployed energy into clubs for neighbourhood women. When everyone else wasn’t quite as excited as she was about flower arranging and marching band, she wrote Princess Margaret and invited her to stop by, which TOTALLY worked! The Princess in Poplar … who would have imagined? 

Counterfeit tickets 
It was a treat to see the ladies get dressed up for a night on the town, accompanied by Chummy’s husband Peter and Jenny’s handsome beau Alec. Unfortunately, the tickets they procured for My Fair Lady from handyman Fred turn out to be counterfeit—but since Chummy & Peter rarely get a night out without “young sir,” the gang heads to the pub instead for pints and a game of darts. It was fun to see them all together outside of work. 

Hula hoops and whiskey
The temporary loss of Jenny Lee meant the arrival of new nurse Patsy Mount, who moved into Trixie’s room. Her arrival, along with the discovery that she brought her own booze, meant that Trixie, Cynthia, and Patsy celebrated with a few glasses of whiskey and a rousing round of hula hooping! Which, according to Trixie, is the best way to keep a trim waistline. 

Dancing in the alley
Trixie and curate (the British term for a priest of the lowest rank) Tom’s romance got off to a rough start, but Tom’s awkward social manners and their cricket match mishap made the first real date all the sweeter. What could be more romantic than throwing their arms around each other in the alley outside a club and dancing slowly to the music alone? I’m getting happy tears just thinking about it! 

A happy delivery
Despite Dr. Turner’s apprehensions about adopting—or rather, the paperwork involved with it—he managed to pull it together and do the best, most amazing thing when Shelagh and he received the news about a baby girl ready to go home with them: He told his wife to close her eyes, picked up the baby and handed it to her, saying, “Here’s your mum!” Awwwwwwwww (times forever). 

Jenny meets her future
After Jenny’s devastating loss this season, it was nice to get a glimpse of her happy future with Phillip Worth. Seeing the spark when they met, and his shy smile while delivering flowers to her as she departed for a new career, was so great! I appreciated that they added a voiceover letting us know she would marry him, although it does sadden me to think that means we might not see her again. 

Honourable mentions: I have to take a moment to appreciate Trixie’s super cute Jean Seberg-inspired pixie haircut, Sister Evangelina’s love of her white, secondhand plimsoles, Sister Monica Joan’s joy at viewing the stars through a telescope, and Shelagh’s command of her excellent choral group. 

I can’t wait to see what will make an impression in season 4! In the meantime, in case your love for the Call the Midwife memoirs by Jennifer Worth is what brought you to this fascinating BBC series, we’ve put together a Pinterest Pinboard of related books, fit for passing the time during afternoon tea: 

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I enjoyed Jewel in the Crown. Could you show more oldies, perhaps The Duchess of Duke Street or I, Claudius? Good time passers for the dialysis chair.

Pat -- thank you for your comment! We will be sure to pass on your remarks to our programming department. Thanks. -- VF

The Fourth Season Premiere last night was wonderful. I derive a certain vicarious satisfaction when one of the midwives finds a man who appreciates her as much as I do. For example, we already know that Chummy and Peter are one of the sweetest marriages on television. For those of our viewers who have not seen the premiere yet, I won't spoil it other than to say that fans of the Trixie and Tom romance will not be disappointed. The episode also reminded me of the one of the things that I love most about her, and the other characters on the series as well, and that is the personal interest she takes in those she is trying to help, in this case a neglected little boy and his sisters. It would be easy to say that the midwives and the nuns love their patients, and they do. But love is a word used so often these days that what they do merits a stronger word. It is not just love, but a personal devotion.

On a personal note, it means a great deal to me to see faith lived out in such a beautiful fashion in this series. For example, the scenes of the nuns chanting the Psalms were so thoughtfully edited together with some of the more difficult moments in the first two seasons. Who can forget the use of Psalm 91 ("He shall give his angels charge over thee, etc.") during the first Christmas special, or the use of the Miserere ("According to the multitude of thy mercies do away mine offenses, etc.") when Jenny was passing the brothel on Cable Street during Season One? To see these prayers offered up in this way and supported by the good works of the midwives gives them substance and power. We do not get to see quite as many of these scenes nowadays because Shelagh is no longer in the Order, but I am hoping for more scenes with her choir this year.

I am missing Cynthia already, although I know she will be back later on this season. In case anyone missed the Christmas Special that just aired last December, be sure to catch it when it encores. The scene with her and Sister Julienne where she is looking up at the Crucifix is worth the entire episode all by itself. As for Jenny, I will not have to miss her for too much longer, in one sense, because Jessica Raine is going to turn up on Masterpiece in a couple of weeks. I wish her all the best, though I do not understand why she wanted to leave the series.

So much enjoyable feel on reading this post. This is really an amazing combo of nice moments captured.

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Thanks, Juan! I had fun compiling them.